Restarting a 59 pounds to lose

Hi everyone I have been on and off the site for awhile now I went to try another site and I like this one alot better and have rejoined to help me lose the 59 pounds I would like to have gone by the end of the year and the reason I'm looking to get back to a healthy weight is I've got a son that I wanna be around for at all times I've also got a Husband and wanna be around him long as I can be, He's in fact gonna join me on my diet as he's a diabetic and needs to lose weight as well great have support from home. Please feel free to add me as a friend and I'll do the same in return as we figure what our goals are for weight loss.


  • Dionip
    Dionip Posts: 3 Member
    Im In. I could use all the support I can
  • lisabinco
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    Join some groups first and find like-minded people. There's one called Diabetes, Prediabetes and Insulin Resistance group:
    There are probably more but this is a good start. Do a search for diet strategies that work for you.
  • lorbris
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    Hi ... I just restarted too ...have about 20 lb to loose to start with. 5 ft 6 and currently at 166 lb ...was 168 but lost 2 lb this week ...finding or slow but as long as it comes off :):) could really use the extra support myself ..especially over the weekends ... feel free to add me :)
  • sbrownallison
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    Wish you well on your journey. There is much inspiration to be found on this site. For me, as an older person, I found that exercise had become key in losing weight, as well as diet. For motivation to get myself to move more, I got a Fitbit activity monitor and have to say that it does change one's mind about the need to keep moving. I used a Fitbit One for the past two years, and just this week upgraded to a Fitbit Charge HR because I wanted to track my heart rate. I'm enjoying learning more about my new device and being freshly motivated. Nowadays, when I don't move, it is like something is missing from my day!