Looking for friends with visible diary who can model good eating!

I'm really curious to see what and how other people are eating to lose weight. Was hoping to be able to view some diaries of successful members. If you are willing to make your diary public( need to change this in privacy settings) and friend me I would be grateful! Thanks!


  • twistos
    twistos Posts: 2 Member
    Hello, I have used this app in the past and it worked great. However I am now just trying to get back on track and I don't know if my food is the best. I wouldn't mind sharing my diary with you if on your hand you would message me sometimes to make sure I go to the gym and don't stay lazy! What do you think?
  • alyhuggan
    alyhuggan Posts: 717 Member
    My diary is always open! Although I don't log my veggies because I hardly think 6 calories from mushrooms or 4 from lettuce will make much difference...
  • KrisiAnnH
    KrisiAnnH Posts: 352 Member
    Hi! I've just made mine visible (didn't realise until now that it wasnt!) and I try and log everything I eat and try to eat healthy. I've done pretty well recently so feel free to add me :)
    And I'm exactly the same Alyhuggan I tend to miss out things like mushrooms or lettuce because of that exact reason haha, more hassle than 6 calories is worth to log it!
  • JanetMMcC
    JanetMMcC Posts: 410 Member
    My diary's open to friends, if any of y'all want to friend me.

    I'll note that my nutrient tracking shows I have a good way to go toward meeting those goals.

    The veggies may not add a whole lot of calories individually, but they can add up over a day.

    Me, I'll often eat a 12-ounce bag of steamed veggies at one meal (sometimes I just have it at my desk and eat bit by bit). 3 servings of veggies is a good daily goal, and a 12-oz bag is about 3 servings.
  • sineadt84
    sineadt84 Posts: 51 Member
    Hi, I've been trying really hard to find nutritious meals that are tasty and easy to cook after work and for work lunches so feel free to have a look! (Except yesterday which was my cheat meal!!!:)) I'm also really keen to see others' diaries for ideas and inspiration.
  • betharch24
    betharch24 Posts: 6 Member
    Thanks everyone! every one of you is an inspiration and the more support I have the more motivated I feel. Keep working hard and I will too!
  • lemonaid7
    lemonaid7 Posts: 156 Member
    My diary is open & I log everything. I eat lots of fruit, veg & and aim for mostly healthy food. I'm always looking for new friends, feel free to friend me.
  • nineteentwenty
    nineteentwenty Posts: 469 Member
    Hello friends! I log everything I eat, and try out new recipes and post about them at least weekly. My diary is always open, and I'd LOVE to have more friends focusing on the dieting side. Add me with a message that you saw this so that I know who you are :D

    If you ever see something in my diary that you're curious about (like a dish you're unfamiliar with), feel free to ask. I love swapping recipes.
  • Clarewho
    Clarewho Posts: 494 Member
    My diary is open to anyone who wants to look. For me that's important because if I think someone might look, it helps me make better choices (most of the time). Don't look at this weekend though - I was away and things slipped a bit
  • Cchioles
    Cchioles Posts: 276 Member
    My Diary Is Open. Open To Friend Requests.. Nothing To Hide Here lol
  • mskimpel
    mskimpel Posts: 30 Member
    My diary is open to friends so add me if you wish I have nothing to hide and look forward to recommendations of what I am eating . I am on a high protein diet because I am preparing for gastric bypass surgery and am on a special diet before and after surgery but I do have some wiggle room for some food changes .