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Hey everyone! My name is Justin and it's nice to meet you :). I am new to MFP and am looking to make fitness a habit again! My story is your typical one in that I used to be in better shape but then life caught up to me (long work hours/sports injuries). I am done making excuses and am ready to take charge of my fitness! I've always hid my weight pretty well and never seemed to actually look like I was getting heavier, but a few months ago I clocked in at 274!! Through some slight changes in eating, but nothing concrete, I was able to get down to 265. I recently joined a gym again and am now 261 and looking to keep this journey heading in the right direction. I would love to make friends with any positive people so we can stay connected and motivated! Feel free to add me if you are interested :). Have a great day!


  • sampanzee75
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    Hey JGood! It's awesome that you are taking back control of your fitness goals. Positivity, motivation and seeing others succeed on the newsfeed is what I have found to be super beneficial in just the short month that I've been using MFP. Best wishes to you and cannot wait to see what you achieve