Veggies and bloating!

Hello, does everyone else get painful bloating after eating a lot of vegetables? I am in pain right now and look pregnant haha! Is there a way to ease it?? Thankyou


  • governatorkp
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    Are you talking about veggies only?

    I know that legumes such as soy, beans, lentils, peanuts and peas do cause bloating for me.
    If you're also eating legumes, perhaps try cutting them out, see what happens.

    Maybe you're just eating TOO much vegetables though..
    What is 'a lot'.
    You still need other foods and different nutrients found in for example meat, diary and nuts.
  • RozieRunner
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    yeah I ate a LOT of cauliflower. I was so hungry and I love the stuff!
    But yes I think its just vegetables and fruit
  • MonsoonStorm
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    If this is a sudden change it will probably be the bacteria in your gut going nuts due to a sudden increase.

    Other possibility is you are sensitive to cruciferous veggies. Did you eat them raw? If you fancy another binge perhaps a probiotic and a digestive enzyme would help.
  • BeginnersBootcamp
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    Trial and error! I tried things one meal at a time and narrowed down some fruits and veggies that my body can't handle raw. I get 8 month preggo looking and it hurts. Its different for everyone so find out what works for you! Some people cant handle raw so try them raw and cooked
  • rbiss
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    I love broccoli and cauliflower and have made casseroles with them and gotten the worst pain. I thought my stomach would explode and days later it was still bad. For work, I also brought in a cup of brussel sprouts for lunch and similar pain. Some veggies are just worse than others. Limit the ones that cause the bloating. I tried everything and the only thing that works is limiting them. Zucchini, lettuce, bell peppers, corn, cucumber, and all squash seems to be fine.