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    hi all,

    yesterday was my first challenging day. The rest of the weeks meals that I made I did not care for and I could not eat them another time yesterday. So, ending up eating out two times yesterday. Staid on program but not enough vegetables.

    L: vegan autumn grilled cheese roll up
    black bean and onion salad

    D; glutten free vegetable pizza with no cheese

    Today I woke up feeling better.

    Karrie hope your headaches go away soon no fun

    New Me good luck with the CPA studies.

    Mahini: enjoy tomorrow off

    Only working until 2 pm today then getting ready for my dinner party tomorrow. Making a both vegan and non vegan dishes, since I am the only one who is vegan.

    Happy Halloween everyone
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    Hi guys! Nice to hear from everyone! Is anyone doing anything exciting for Halloween? I was really not feeling it this year but my friends are big Halloween buffs, so I'm dressing up as Wednesday Addams and heading out to celebrate with them. It's been an insane work week so I'm happy it's Friday!

    Karrie, very scary about your headaches... I really hope it's just a tension issue! Report back and let us know how you're feeling. My sister had the same problem, especially with her neck, and she did some acupuncture too. Hope you're feelig more normal today.

    Laura, great to hear from you! Sounds like you're doing really well!

    Terri, good luck at your dinner party tomorrow!! Sounds lovely and like you navigated the meals out yesterday pretty well.

    Mihani, are you getting some weekend time to yourself (ie. relax, not just housework lol). I hope you enjoy your Saturday too!! How are you feeling?

    Thanks for the supportive words about my sugar problem! The halloween candy has been hard this week, but I'm sufficiently sick of it and ready to try sugar free. I'll keep your words in my head, Mihani, and push past the first week. I think you're right - the second week would be easier after surviving the first.

    Happy Halloween/Friday, everyone!
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    The massage last night was great - although I did have a few knots on my neck that were really tight - I'm not sure he was able to work them out completely. And he actually triggered the headache while he was working on them, so I think that it is a tension thing. When I stood up I was a little dizzy and my ears were buzzing. But today I'm feeling pretty good, if maybe a little tenderized... I will be booking a few more massages over the next couple of weeks to make sure it's all worked out.

    I have to say that I keep forgetting we have Halloween candy in the house. And I bought a lot of my favorites, too! So that's a good thing. I've managed to lose a half pound this week - not as much as I wanted, but I'll take it! I'm still a bit too heavy on the carbs, so I have to get that under control. Gotta say farewell to the bread and pretzels...

    I'm going to do some more meal prep on Sunday, but this time I'm going to focus on breakfasts, lunches and snacks. I'm going to make my smoothies in advance and store them in the freezer. Take them out and put them in the fridge the night before I need them. And have lunch-ready veggies washed and cut, with some homemade hummus already portioned out. And then for snacks, I want to make some date-balls, and some trail mix and things like that. Basically all the things my nutritionist has been telling me to do all along.... :P

    I made a lovely tomato soup the other day, using fresh garden tomatoes -- soooo tasty!!

    Tomato Soup
    4 lbs tomatoes, quartered
    4 sweet onions, quartered
    garlic cloves, to taste

    - Put all the above in a roasting pan, drizzle with olive oil (I measured out 2 tbsp so I didn't go overboard), and then add pepper, to taste.
    - Cover, and roast at 400ºF for 45 minutes.
    - Pour contents of your roasting pan (including the juices) into a large pot.
    - Add fresh basil, to taste.
    - Use an immersion blender to purée.
    - Add 2 cups vegetable broth.
    - Add more pepper, if desired
    - Simmer on the stove for 20 minutes to allow the basil flavour to come out.

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    It's been awhile since I was here, so much to catch up with. We were traveling for awhile there and then a lot of work getting the acreage ready for winter. And of course now I am busy sewing and quilting and knitting Christmas gifts. Eeek -- It's almost November!

    Great reading what everyone's been up to. Busy bunch of posters! I'm going to try a few of the recipes, too. The onion salad and Sloppy James are especially interesting. Thanks!

    We may hang at the grandkids' house for Halloween, although we usually don't do much on this holiday. Just bought a wee bag of candy in case we get trick-or-treaters. Then it goes into the freezer. Interestingly, sugary candy has been easy-peasy to pass up. It's the breads that call to me. I'm still up 5 pounds so I need to watch myself.

    We'll be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house this year so I've dragged out the Vegetarian Times Thanksgiving cookbook to pick a few things to make so I will have something to eat. Hubby does the critter. Yay!

    Happy Halloween!
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    Karrie - So, you figure the massages will fix the headaches? As long as he doesn't keep triggering them....

    Lia - When you crack the magical answer to sugar addiction, please let me know right away! :*

    I'm pondering what my next really futile and stupid gesture will be.... I sorta feel like, a really sweet cinnamon bun, might be something I could eat to satisfy my craving, but maybe... just maybe I could stop at that? So, I thought of the Cinnabon maintenance plan, but with 879 calories in one classic Cinnabon... that's not gonna work. So, I'm thinking.... maybe make a batch of Pillsbury Grands! Cinnamon Rolls @ 300 calories each, and see if I can get one a day to satisfy me. But, I think this will be after I completely kick the nicorette spray, and then the DDP. :huh:

    And freakin' Halloween.... Zoe goes batsh*t crazy at the first sound of a firework.... tries to dig her way through the basement floor.... she is inconsolable. We tried to drug her last year, and it just made her groggy, and scared and added angry.... so, I just took her out on the road this year, looking for quiet spots to spend the night in the vehicle. Finally found one spot pulled off at the side of the highway, which afforded us about an hour's peace, when fireworks near enough, unsettled her again. So, drove around some more. Put a good 100 miles on last night... came home around midnight, which was too early, and spent the first couple hours back, trying to keep her calm. Next year, I'll just plan to take her out from about 6 PM to 2 AM.... :tired_face:
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    Hi all! Well, it was not a very successful few days in the food department. Way too much eating out. While I did do good watching my portions and did not over indulge in candy (I did eat a few fun size pieces, which, is pretty good considering!) but the big indulgence was the glass of red wine I had Saturday night to unwind after the craziness and the beer I immensely enjoyed yesterday during a huge football game. Not anything crazy, but, by last night my body was definitely telling me that a) I had not drank nearly enough water and b) I needed some real food. So, I drowned myself in water last night and rather than eating any more candy I enjoyed some beautiful grapes I got at the store. Amazing how quickly enjoying the wrong foods can make you feel like crap when you haven't eaten them in a while! Overall, once I got through the overdue studying I had to catch up on it was a pretty decent weekend.

    Gotta run! Work is already crazy!

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    I'm happy to report that I have been headache free since that second massage. OK, well the day AFTER that second massage. I'm so glad I figured it out!!! I think I have a bit of repetitive stress tension in my neck and shoulders - both sitting at work on the computer all day, and then there's all the knitting I've been doing at home. So in all, my arms never seem to get a break. But I love my knitting, so I'll just have to make sure I go for an occassional massage. Hmm.. I think that's the best compromise EVER!!! :lol:

    I went a little bit potato chip crazy this weekend. Grr... Why must the starchy carbs call to me so strongly!?!?!

    Today I'm having the 13-bean chili for lunch and I think just a giant green smoothie for supper. I need a bit of a reset. I had some bread this morning, unfortunately - toast and peanut butter for breakfast... And I have a banana and some peas for my snack this afternoon when I usually tend to head to the pretzels... Hopefully that works, because I really need to get back on track.
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    Swooping by at lunch. It feels so much better to be eating really good foods today. Such a difference already!

    Karrie - glad to hear the massages are helping the headaches. Definitely a good compromise in order to keep knitting! I haven't ever had a massage before. I have always been so self conscious of my body I have never had the confidence to go in. It is top on my list for when I finally get to my first goal weight. Hopefully that will be by next summer. We will see.

    Just looked at our family calendar and realized we have a night full of parent teacher conferences tonight. Looks like it will be a night of leftovers for dinner. I have to say, having leftovers in the fridge or freezer that folks can just grab and eat has been a lifesaver with school and work. Win-win for everyone!

    Hope everyone is having a great day today!
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    Hi all,

    My party was a success. Everyone stayed really late and we had lots of fun. I did find one thing out. chocolate makes me flare up and have a lot of pain. I made the Oh She glows peanutbutter balls and after eating them it caused so much hand and knee pain. :(. It brought up memories of when I was a child. I do not remember the specifics but I was allergic to chocolate as a small child. Somehow I grew out of it but it is back.

    My husband is off to tokyo and then the phillipanes so I wil be home alone for the week. So quiet. Has been a while since he has been away for this long. Gonna be a quiet week.

    Karrie: glad the massages help your headache. I might go get one this week. Sounds heavenly. Also, thanks for the tomoato soup recipe will have to make that one.

    Scott: your Halloween sounds scary. Hopefully, your kid will get over her phobias by next year.
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    Lia, feeling good! Hope you are feeling good, and you’re well on your way to a sugar free week.

    Karrie, glad you’re feeling better. That tomato soup sounds tasty.

    Lisa, totally with you on the temptation front. I love my breads and pasta and such. Sweets don’t call to me too much.

    Scott, maybe your cinnamon bun idea is just crazy enough to work!

    Laura, sounds like you handled the social stuff pretty well.

    Terri, glad your party went well. Sorry you had pain after eating chocolate though.

    I ended up not going to the office at all this past weekend, which was really nice, although I’m paying a price for it and am more behind than ever. Got a little bit of housework done, and mostly worked on bookkeeping for the company I do that for on the side (in my spare time hahaha! I crack myself up) because I was behind on that too. It's all caught up now yay!

    I haven’t eaten lunch the past two days. Yesterday I snacked on some baby carrots and grape tomatoes, and today I just had a handful of pumpkin seeds. I don’t know that skipping lunch is the best idea, but Dr. F says eat 2 or 3 times a day whatever works. It kind of feels like lunch is something I eat because I’m supposed to or because I feel like I’m hungry even when I’m not really. So having a good breakfast (cereal or oatmeal or toast and fruit), a little snack during the day, and then a good dinner, seems to be working really well for me. I’m going to keep it up for the rest of the week and see how I feel and how the scale responds.

    I got an email from my gym they are having an 8 week holiday weight loss challenge. I’m not really a joiner type, but I am seriously considering it. If I want to do it I need to stop in there this week to sign up and work with one of the trainers to set up a plan for the 8 weeks and weigh in. I should do it, I think it might help me break out of this slump I’ve been in on the working out.

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    tdh1991 wrote: »

    Scott: your Halloween sounds scary. Hopefully, your kid will get over her phobias by next year.

    You know Zoe is the dog, right? :grin:

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    Nobody has started "Nutritarian November" yet? If I can figure out how, I will do it. Uh. Maybe. Let's see.