Virtual 5k

I was curious if anyone has done a virtual 5k? I've recently started running, but I'm not sure I'm ready for a organized run. I'm still a bit self conscious and someone told me about this website I checked it out and it looks kind of cool and I like that it not just running, but I wanted to know if someone has run with this website. I'd hate to pay the money and then never receive a medal. Is there a better one? Any help or info would be great.


  • I'd suggest just picking a local 5k that is walker friendly. You can do intervals and go at a comfortable pace. The only way to get comfortable is to just do it.
  • GCPgirl
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    Hi...I know this was posted months ago but it came up on a search. You can go to and they have a virtual 5K section. Part of the proceeds go to charity too. I just signed up for a Elf on the Run one. You get a bib, medal and tech gloves.
    But I agree with the comment above...just do it. I do 5k with my cousin...I am much slower than her but we just meet up at the end.
  • jmarie1025
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    I've done four virtual 5ks from US Road Running. I also signed up for a local race. I was nervous for the local race so I ran a virtual 5k first to prove to myself I could do it and to get an idea of how fast I could do it. For me the virtual races are great because I can do them on my own time and either outside or on the treadmill. They are also cheaper and you still get a bib, medal and t shirt.
    I will say with the virtual races you don't have the excitement and atmosphere as an organized race and with that I was able to shave 3 minutes off my fastest virtual race! There's nothing like an organized race, but virtual a are a good option.
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    I've done a couple, I usually only do the ones where 90%+ of the proceeds actually go to the charity, otherwise I prefer local organized races. There's a facebook community for Virtuals, beware though, there are tons of them!
  • Mrscanmore
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    My running partner and I were thinking of doing one together. There are very few races near us during the winter and we want a race to motivate us!