Starting a "newbie" blog series

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Hi fellow nutritarians! I blog over at and wanted to share the series I just started for people just starting on this way of eating (or old-timers who need new inspiration). Hope you enjoy!


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    Thanks... I'll definitely check it out!! Your blog looks like it has a lot of great info and advice!!

    I started eating like this earlier in the year, after reading the Eat For Life book...but I ran into digestive issues (i.e. too many trips to the bathroom...LOL...and unexpectedly!!). I know that it was a "detox" essentially...but I gave it a try for many weeks, but I had to stop because I had to plan my life around where there was a decent, clean toilet!! Porta Potties at soccer fields just weren't something I wanted to deal with!!

    I read that perhaps it was too much fiber...from eating raw vegetables. Is that true? Do you have any tips/tricks/advice to avoid the back-end detox effects? Should I switch to drinking only green smoothies? Or just cut out raw fiber, like carrots etc.? I really want to do this, but I also hate the constant worry about the sudden need to excuse myself or find a toilet. Have TP will travel!! :(

    Thanks. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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    I suppose there is such a thing as "too much fiber" but there is also the scientific fact that we have to allow our intestinal gut flora to change so that we can tolerate more fiber. It's no surprise that digestive issues would appear when one suddenly begins eating 3 times the fiber one is used to eating. It takes about 2 weeks (or more for some people) for the gut flora to adjust to more fiber. A gradual increase is better. Especially for carnivores. I didn't have those problems when I started, but I have been vegetarian for over 20 years, so I suppose there was less detox blues for me. Have you stuck to the plan since this post? Did you adjust or did you quit?
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    Thanks. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
    Have you joined Dr. Fuhrman's on-line website? Lots of good discussions and information there for the newbie.
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    I’m a nutritarian & found it took 4-6 weeks for my digestive system to settle down initially. I usually have a big salad once a day with balsamic vinegar drizzled on. And a beany vegetable soup or lentil dahl for another meal. I sometimes add a small portion of brown rice or a small sweet potato though not always. Plus some fruit. Its varies between 25-50g fibre daily. For me I find that works really well.