Weight loss tips and tricks!

Please list your top 3 weight loss tips/tricks
*note: CICO is a given
Mine are:
1. Replaced regular coke for coke zero.
2. Made even MORE dates with myself (aka EXTRA "me" time). This extra me time includes things like pampering, walking outdoors, extra gym time (sometimes going 2x's a day -before work & after), yoga, hobbies, etc. Doing this has helped lower stress levels, naturally aiding weight loss.
3. When craving high glycemic carbs like white bread/donuts/rolls/pastries/baguettes (which are my weakness), I replace them with healthier carbohydrate alternatives like pita/whole wheat naan/lentil cakes/bean cakes/oatmeal cookies/etc.
--These are small and EASY changes that have helped me shed pounds without feeling like I'm "missing out" on anything good! ;)


  • strong_curves
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    Using a food scale
    Being consistent
    Realistic and sustainable workouts
  • errollmaclean
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    1. Food scale (so important to be accurate)
    2. Understanding macros and why each is important. (Really makes me want to hit those goals.
    3. Tracking fiber. (Keeps me full for longer)
  • kisses71213
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    Yes, tracking fiber is a good one. I need to work on that!
  • domgibson88
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    Not drinking my calories...I used to HATE water but now I dont drink anything but, I have an alchoholic drink maybe once every two weeks and 1 coffee with 2 cream 2 sugar every morning other than that it JUST WATER :) also I enjoy quinoa instead of rice, pasta , potato for a side, I mix it up and put some feta cheese, spinach, cucumbers, avacado and garlic roasted red pepper spice...Its delicious
  • Asher_Ethan
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    Food scale.
    Non aggressive weekly weight loss goal.
    MFP forums to kill all the urban legends.
  • 1. Personal training sessions 2x/week
    2. Water instead of soda
    3. Increase protein -- and eat 5-6 ounces of protein at every meal
  • jgnatca
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    Pre-packaging portions. Cut protein bars in half. Prepare salad in the morning; fresh fast food. Eat with chopsticks to eat mindfully. Never let myself get too hungry to maintain control.
  • AnvilHead
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    1) Maintain a reasonable caloric deficit by whatever means works best for you.
    2) Be consistent about it.
    3) Repeat 1 and 2.
  • Eddie__Jones
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    I stopped focusing on when I get to the end. I now focus on enjoying the process.

  • star1407
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    Alpen light bars. 70 cals for fudge and chocolate, double chocolate or Jaffa flavours. Healthier alternative to satisfy my sweet tooth
    Food scale
    Re kindling my love of fruit and veg, buying what I really enjoy ie; mango instead of forcing down an apple for the sake of eating some fruit
  • mrsloganlife
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    Food scale--total life changer
    Finding everyway to move more--lunch walks, walking when I'm on the phone, etc.
    Not letting excuses or a bad week derail my progress--know that this is not linear loss but a lot of ups and downs
  • zoeysasha37
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    Since you said we can't mention cico ( that's my favorite)
    I would have to say - remember that weight loss comes down to a deficit. There's no need for special diets. Low carb/paleo / and all that are not necessary ( unless someone had a medical condition that warrants them to limit carbs)
    Diet pills, diet shakes, mlm scam products are also not necessary and a waste of money .
    Nothing can replace hardwork. There's no easy way out !
  • NatKat6
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    Okay so here are my tips, all of which helped me lose the most weight:

    1) WATER WATER WATER!! (or other low/ zero calorie, non-fizzy drinks such as sugar-free squash, green tea, etc..). Aim to drink 1.5-2L per day, if you drink that much then your food cravings go down a lot. it gets your system moving too.

    2) If you're craving something sweet: opt for fruit instead. It has more nutrients, is more satisfying and makes you feel better physically.

    3) Set yourself targets for essential nutrients. Plan your 5-a-day ahead of time as well as protein and complex carbs. When you're about to reach for that cupcake, think to yourself whether you've reached those targets!

    4) Be active. I don't mean obsessively exercising at the gym 24/7. But getting up and walking around during the day makes a lot of difference compared to sitting down all the time.

    5) Watch out for 'diet' or 'low fat' versions of products! The fat is usually replaced with sugar which makes you crave more.
  • makaryan11
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  • misskarne
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    1. Eating the things I love, just less of it.

    2. Accepting that sometimes I fail dismally at number 1, and eat a lot. Move on with life.

    3. Weighing stuff. I had no idea how much chicken 120grams was until I started weighing. That's a lotta chicken.
  • verptwerp
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    jgnatca wrote: »
    Pre-packaging portions. Cut protein bars in half. Prepare salad in the morning; fresh fast food. Eat with chopsticks to eat mindfully. Never let myself get too hungry to maintain control.

    Ooooh, that would be good for me ..... eating with chopsticks ..... awesome idea !
  • spzjlb
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    We are all different. My top tips:
    1. On a scale of 1-10, never get hungrier that a "3" and more full than a "7".
    2. Get in a short (30 min) but intense workout every single day.
    3. Understanding and accepting that as a short woman in my 50s, I don't need as much food as most people.
  • BioQueen
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    1. Be mentally ready and address mental/emotional reasons why you gained weight in the first place. If you don't work on this part of your life, it is impossible to fix you physical state long term.
    2. Weigh and log consistently, even if it is a bad day. If you feel like you just want to forget the bad days and pretend they didn't happen, they will happen more and more frequently until you stop logging all together.
    3. Forgive yourself and love your body the way it is at this very moment.
  • Montepulciano
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    1. Food scale
    2. Moving (If you are moving, you probably are not eating)
    3. If you are really hungry during the day/evening, look at how much protein you are eating. Adding more protein helped my hunger pangs a lot.
  • Adamsa1969
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    Boiled eggs and cottage cheese has become my go to breakfast. Lots of protein and very filling.