Hello! & Anyone doing CIZE Workouts?

hello everyone! I am Leah from Delaware and I have started on this journey to regain my health, my body, my state of mind and my activities all that has been lost due to back injury and back surgery! I am so looking forward to doing the CIZE workouts and wondered if there were others that are doing or have done these workouts? I am looking for CIZE workout buddies but also more friends so we can keep each other motivated and lend the support we all need to achieve our goals!


  • fadiyah1
    fadiyah1 Posts: 3 Member
    I just ordered cize
  • GiGiQuinn2016
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    I have been fighting the urge to buy CIZE, but I think I'll give in and get it. It looks like so much fun! How do you like it so far, Leah?
  • Coonsmom
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    Just received my Cize workouts and intend to start them this week
  • GiGiQuinn2016
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    Sooo I did give in... they've just been shipped. Can't wait to start! :)
  • shelbyfit72
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    I do cize started last week and love it-I also do 21 df workout and gym but I love cize-enjoy it
  • I got Cize Sunday as a birthday gift (only thing I wanted) have done it every night since!! Today being day 4 I absolutely love it! It is fun and feels great!
  • dymplez02
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    Hi i started today. It was fun but yet challenging. Determined to keep going. Would love to be friends with anyone, who can keep me motivated.
  • rreynolds2905
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    I just ordered them today. Really hoping they are as much fun as they look to be!
  • jen7eleven
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    Today I finished day 3, following the beginner calendar. I was on a very long laziness binge/workout hiatus and I wasn't really sure how to get back to a routine. All of the infomercials for Cize kept catching my eye so I finally gave in. It's a lot of fun and easy to follow, even though I'm highly uncoordinated. Normally I avoid DVD workouts because they feel like forever and sometimes the instructor gets annoying, but so far with Cize the time just flies by and it's a blast. I think I am going to start adding a separate weights workout every other day to balance things out.
  • Christabelle79
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    I'm kinda in love with Shawn T. I did day 2 today. I couldn't finish the first day, and I might have cried when I finished today. It's so much fun!
  • DeannaSofia886
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    I just took the class and it was more fun - for me - to do with people versus in my home.
  • goofyrick24
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    They offer it as a class at my YMCA.. I will probably go now after these reviews!
  • hgascoigne
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    I started it yesterday and I did it again this morning. It is the first time I have strung together two days of working out in a row in a long time. It is super fun!
  • KrystinaMTL
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    Cize ?!!? Love it ! I mean LOVE IT! (I also seem to have this uncontrolled crush on ShaunT... and don't even seem to be discouraged by the fact that he is married and uhh also gay.)
    I ordered it in December 2015 and started on Jan 18th. (Started MFP on Jan 12th)
    I do it 5-6 days a week.

    You have to know this about me though, I am in no way a dancer, nor do I have the HipHopdancercool gene.
    Do I care ? Nope !
    The way he explains the routines and puts them together is just awesome.
    It is actually THE BEST non-workout-workout DVD I have ever done.
    I didn't really follow either calendar, I just did the routine I felt like doing that night when getting home from work.
    I have now done all 6 routines and can actually *Cize up all of them rather well ! (Or so says my mom who almost cried when she watched me give myself completely to Chandelier-routine6) ;)
    I have now started doing them with 1 pound wrist weights for extra push.
    I just love it and really feel like it's working my body in a way my body actually enjoys.

    Combined with MFP I have now lost 17 pounds in the last 6 weeks.
    58 more to go !

    Any future or present Cizers please DO NOT HESITATE TO ADD ME AS A FRIEND if you want to encourage eachother !

  • IronRed916
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    Just started this week and I'm on Day 3 today and I LOVE it. I love anything Shaun T does but this is awesome because I forget I'm working out! Looking forward to seeing what happens and the results!
  • jairoqdavis
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    Love Shaun T... Cize is his best series yet... The dancing and music is awesome and so motivating. I am on my first week anyone have any positive weight loss details. How long to reasonably expect a weight reduction.

  • leahde1
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    Hello Everyone! Thanks for responding! We should start a CIZE group so we can communicate, encourage and really support one another. I love these workouts and thus far has lost 13lbs! I am still trying to figure out the calories burned! Anyone have any ideas?

    Also please add me as a friend!
  • besaro
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    if you hate shaun's approach to instructions in t25 do you think you might still like CIZE? or is having a mad crush on him required to enjoy the DVDs?
  • Mami21080
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    I love Cize! On my third week