Strength Training - Need Serious Protein - Vegan Suggestions??

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I'm sure this has been discussed to death, but I'm looking for solid suggestions as far as ways to pack my meals with plant-based protein. I'm trying to slim down, so I can't consume thousands of calories worth of legumes, even though I love them. I've tried two vegan protein powders, and I hated both of them. I'll find a way to blend them into a smoothie. But, am I missing anything else?? I have been working out hard, and I would like to see better gains. I'm not bulking, so I know I have to have reasonable expectations, but I had better results when I was still pescatarian. I've resorted to eating eggs again, but the fate of the poor baby boy chicks at the hatcheries is weighing on my conscious and giving me anxiety. What do other fit vegans do??


  • samwiserabbit
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    For big protein boosts I use Builder Bars (or "Builders", I'm not sure) by Clif, Orgain protein powder, chocolate flavored in berry and soymilk smoothies, lightlife smart dogs cut up in salads, and tofu. Nuts are probably a good option if you're trying to gain. I hear that's what Toby Maguire ate when he was bulking up for Spiderman. :)

    Also, it's a tricky thing, ethically, but for my omni son I've toyed with the idea of keeping our own hens.
  • loubikes
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    Im also an advocate for Orgain. I like that it's organic and it is the best tasting plant-based protein powder I've found. If you don't mind processed meat substitutes, I recommend the Field Roast products, especially their Celebration Roast and burgers (best veggie burgers I've found, although high fat as well as high protein).
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    found this, maybe it can help you out some.
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    I eat tempeh nearly every day. 100g tempeh and a head of broccoli gives you 20grams protein! Also lentils and beans. I use ezyprotein powder in my morning smoothie and its pretty good. It might only be available in australia though.
  • amarie2222
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    I've been getting 60+ g of protein on a 1700ish calorie diet no problem, which is a lot for little me! Just include a protein at every meal. Legumes are a good choice, but there's also tofu, seitan, tempeh, quinoa, soy products, and more.