What are some good in the house workouts?

I recently move to the country. There aren't any gyms within 20 miles. I was wondering if you guys knew any in home workouts(mainly cardio) that's burns a lot of calories


  • FromLazyToFit
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    I use apps like Carrot and Sworkit
  • cejuanball410
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    What do those apps contain?
  • Rit1603
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    I use Cody app its real instructors and you can buy different workouts from yoga to weight lift . They also run free community lessons from time to time . I stream the workouts on apple tv, iphone and ipad and is the best so far i've found. Real instructors and plans with multiple lessons usually 15/30/45 min which you can mix . They also run sales on their plans . I bought a package of three different barre plan (multiple lessons for each plan) on sale for about 80$. Considering that in my area if you go to a gym 1 barre lesson is about 25$ and monthly 300$ this is a big deal for me as i can stream these lessons forever, they are mine to keep and replay as much as I want.
  • julia0427
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    DVD work out wise I am a huge Julian Michaels fan and you can order them online easy peasy.
  • heatherharget
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    I am using Bodybuilding.com- not b/c I plan on being body builder-HA! but b/c I dont have a gym so there are "plans" workouts planned out. and when there is equipment that I dont have ( I do have bar bells) then I just do a search for alternative to.. whatever THAT exercise works...Good luck
  • veliia
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    Check in YouTube!
  • Kullerva
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    Jessica Smith offers tons of free workouts that don't require equipment on YouTube. I love her; she's so encouraging.
  • stephinator92
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    Youtube (Jessica Smith is a fav), Jillian Michaels DVDs (some of which are in the bargain bin at Walmart), Netflix, Cablevision On Demand has workout videos, yoga, running/walking/biking, Beachbody DVDs are good workouts (but very expensive and they WILL try to get you to buy Shakeology... don't do it)
  • laurelh8
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    veliia wrote: »
    Check in YouTube!

    I total agree! YouTube has lots of fitness videos. I've been doing Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred Level 1 and really like it. I'm totally wiped after the 20 minutes workout.
  • klund13
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    YouTube- particularly Fitness Blender!
  • Fernando618G
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    i could give you something but it might kill you...
  • aquablue_1111
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    I've done T25 until very recently and I like it alot. I'm doing New rules of Lifting for Women (NROLFW) now. I'm adapting some of the exercises b/c I'm doing it from home. I'm loving this one too. Totally has my heart rate up during the workouts.
  • cathymarie75
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    You can find a lot on you tube and pop sugar.
    Jillian Michaels has some good ones on you tube.
    Also doing a good 12 week challenge
  • LoveNeicy
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    I use the Workout Trainer app. It has all kinds of different workout video you could workout to. If you want to doYogo, weight lifting, cardio, abs & corr, weight loss, full body, ect. It's the best. Also you can pick how hard you want your workout and how long. Also what body part you want to do.
  • misskarne
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    I love Jillian Michaels' Beginner Shred. Don't let the name fool you! It's hard yards!
  • victoria_1024
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    Fitness blender all the way. They have a billion videos on YouTube.
  • bex800
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    Fitness blender is great, took me a while to get into their workouts but now I have I love them! Just play music in background.
  • TeaBea
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    Kullerva wrote: »
    Jessica Smith offers tons of free workouts that don't require equipment on YouTube. I love her; she's so encouraging.

    I like Jessica Smith as well. She has DVDs too, if that's your preference.

  • Danimri84
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    I'm pretty much in love with CIZE.
  • laurenpjokl
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    I didn't realise Netflix had fitness videos! Will have to check it out when I finish 30ds.