How much do y'all pay for your gym memberships?

Just curious what you consider the norm. I have an apartment gym that's free, but it's only open certain hours during the week and never on Sundays, and it just kind of sucks. Not a lot of equipment choices, and it's always super hot and stinky. And the water fountains don't work, which I feel like is just not cool.

I pay $99/month for a gym membership that includes unlimited classes (hiit mostly, but they have some yoga and other stuff) plus open gym hours any time there's not a class. They're open at 2 locations for a lot more hours than my free apartment gym, and they have a ton more equipment, so I feel like $99 is fine because even if I only go 3 times a week, that's only about $8-$9 each time. If I go 5 times a week, it's only about $5 each time. Plus I tend to feel more motivated to go when it's my health on the line AND my money.

There's an Anytime Fitness next to my work, which would be convenient, but it's like $250/month! It has a sauna and a pool and a bunch of stuff I'd probably never use, so that definitely is not worth it to me, even if it is very upscale and clean. I also know that there are some chains (PF, etc.) that might be super cheap depending on what deal you sign up for, but I kind of don't like there being a million people there when I'm trying to work out, and I've heard they have some silly rules sometimes, like no dead lifts past a certain weight because they're too dangerous.

So what do you pay, and what do you get for that amount?


  • usmcmp
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    I pay $30 per month at one place (multiple locations) and $45 per month for me and my kids at another place.
  • RespectTheKitty
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    I work out at the gym in my office building. Since I get an employee discount, my monthly fee is $14.
  • robs_ready
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    £15 a month, open 24/7 including Christmas day thsts all a man needs
  • singingflutelady
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    $30 a month for my y. Unlimited classes (there are over 20 a day), weight and cardio floor, track, pool, sauna, gym, free childminding and lots of other stuff. It's an awesome deal
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    My membership is 45$/month CAD - it is an all access pass to all the different community center gyms in my city.
  • Indygirl_81
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    I pay $9.99/monthly and a $19/(yearly) fee for a 24/7 gym with free classes.
  • SueInAz
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    I belong to the gym at my office. It's only open weekdays but it's open from 4:30 in the morning until 8:00pm. I pay $65 per year plus another $20 per year for a locker, so about $7/month. That includes unlimited cardio classes during the day, open times where there are recorded classes and two weight areas (one free weights and one with just about every machine imaginable) plus cardio machines like treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, rowing machines, a rock climbing wall, etc.

    I looked into LA Fitness but it's something like $40 a month and the gym isn't nearly as nice.
  • annherrin
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    Free at my apartment, and the gym at my college is $336 per year= $28/month
  • kaaaayla
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    Dang, y'all! I Googled gyms near me and checked prices on at least a dozen of them. There was literally not a single option less than $75/month. Is this a big city problem or what?
  • j_seph
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    Mine is $10/month. I only use the elliptical though, so I don't need much.
  • kpkitten
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    £75 per month (about $110 I think for 3 60-minute sessions per week at a small gym with group training. It's pricey but I get the experience and support of a trainer, plus the other clients are quite a good support group, and having to book my slots really keeps me committed to going. A regular £15 a month membership would be too easy to put my sessions off and make excuses.
  • WMorris2012
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    My local Y is $57.50 a month for most adults and $35 a month for full-time college students. It includes all the classes you want and access to all 8 YMCAs in the area.
  • Sarahb29
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    I remember going to Goodlife and it was very pricey even with our work discount that we got. Well over $100 a month. Seeing everyones responses here I may look into a YMCA now that I'm in the US :o
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    kaaaayla wrote: »
    Dang, y'all! I Googled gyms near me and checked prices on at least a dozen of them. There was literally not a single option less than $75/month. Is this a big city problem or what?

    I would think it'd be the opposite because the big cities are more likely to have competitors so they would try to keep prices low enough to compete.

    I live in Vancouver - it is very pricey there. But the memberships at gyms that don't specialize in anything in particular, such as spinning or crossfit, are pretty decent.
  • robininfl
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    I pay $55/month for yoga (unlimited classes at a very good studio less than a mile from my house) and use the weights in the garage courtesy of the Fiance, and run on the roads, not on a treadmill. So I guess I pay for expertise not equipment.

    YMCA here is prohibitively expensive and doesn't consider your household a family unless you are married, they priced us out, but there are a lot of for-profit gyms around here with a range of prices, they are suburban, too far from me.

    That $55-$60 is my budget, it's what I paid for Jazzercise, I think of that as a reasonable monthly cost for being able to do more interesting workouts with instructors who are trained. It is Very Cheap considering how many classes I am getting for that - 5x/week, usually.
  • singingflutelady
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    My local Y is $57.50 a month for most adults and $35 a month for full-time college students. It includes all the classes you want and access to all 8 YMCAs in the area.

    I should have said I pay 30 a month for my Y but my memborship is subsidized
  • princessmakaila
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    I pay $20 a month with an annual fee in June thats 42.00 it includes gym membership, tanning, and hydro massage at Planet Fitness :)
  • divinekittycat
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    I go to Anytime Fitness and it's only $40 a month (but that's with a 25% discount through work). The location I go to most often isn't huge, but there's another one with different equipment near my office, and then another one near my parents' house that has different equipment as well. Classes are free for members, but I haven't gone to any yet since they never seem to be at a time I can go. 24/7 access, and I can go to any Anytime anywhere (you're only locked into the one location for the first 30 days). I go about 5 time a week, and I was able to suspend my membership when I had surgery and couldn't go for a month.
  • pmm3437
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    Mine works out to ~$14-15/month between monthly's and semi annual fees.
  • dani_dahling86
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    Mine is $140, but that is for both my boyfriend and I, as well as my daughter who is enrolled in the gym daycare. It's a really nice facility.