Public body shaming

Last night I was at a formal charity ball I was surrounded by inspiring brave people who had faced the toughest challenges in life head on.

So when me and a goup of friends decided to get a professional photographer from the events photographer I was shocked and upset by the comments from the female photographer. As she shuffled us around for the 'perfect shot' the comments directed at me came in the and fast "don't stand like that it's doing nothing for your figure next to these other ladies", "perhaps you should stand towards the back and to the side that will definitely help your figure", "are you happy with your face in that shot?"


This was all in front of my friends and the on lookers waiting in line.....I was mortified, I actually didn't know whether to laugh or cry!! One of the guys I was wiith could see my utter embarrassment put his arm around me and said "you look beautiful" but all I could hear was that woman's hurtful words and the rippling laughter.

Needless to say it played on my mind all evening and this morning. I am quite aware that I am the largest in my group of friends I don't need it pointing out.....and I'm certainly not going to buy a crappy photo to prove it!!


  • snickerscharlie
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    That kind of 'direction' may have been somewhat understandable in a private situation - like if you were posing for portraits privately in her studio, for example - but I do feel it was incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional for her to have done so in a public setting.
  • Alluminati
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    I would have felt awkward as well if that happened to me, too. She sounds like she was trying to do her job well but went about it in a tactless way.
  • a_nicola
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    Thank you all for your comments, it's good to know how it made me feel wasn't irrational! I will take her comments, say "no thank you" and move on...
  • jolive7
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    She should have more tact.. she could have given the direction without mentioning your figure at all! Maybe she is used to hearing a lot of females saying that's not my angle, I look fat standing that way etc etc..