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    Hmm... I've just recently developed a... "lack of disdain" for beets. My wife loves them - not sure if she's ever had them roasted. How do you all roast them?

    I guess I could google-fu some recipes, but:

    a) I'm feeling lazy;
    b) I sometimes don't love recipes the pros have, or they seem like more work than I'm willing to put into the endeavor (see a above), so maybe what some regular folk like would be better?

    I will scrub the beets, put them in a pan lined with foil, sprinkle them with salt, cover the pan with foil, and bake them at 400 for 40-50 minutes. If they are around the size of my fist or larger, then I will cut them in half. I know they're done when a fork goes into them easily. You can put oil on them if you like, but I think they're fine with just salt. Once you bake them, the skins slip right off. If the skin is thicker, I will take it off before eating. If they're younger beets, I will often just scrub them well and then eat the skin.
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    Oven at 400. Wash the beets up. Chop them into smaller portions if large. Drizzle in oil. Wrap in foil packet. Roast for 40 minutes. Let cool. Easily peel off skins. Enjoy.

    I freaking LOVE beets.
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    I love beets! One very easy way to deal with them:
    1. Trim off greens & most of root (if needed)
    2. Wrap individually in foil
    3. Place wrapped beets in a pan that is also foil lined (lining is necessary because any leakage will stick like glue)
    4. Bake until a fork stuck through the foil reveals the beet to be soft
    5. Cool, still wrapped, until easy to handle or refrigerate up to a week
    6. Unwrap beet and slough off the skin using a paper towel or under running water
    7. Eat cold or hot, plain or used in a recipe

    Finally, if you are new to purple beets, know that about 25% of us are likely to get "beeturia," which is completely harmless but can be shocking. Bright pink is not a color one is used to finding in the loo.
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    Cool - thanks. Will probably pick some up to go with dinner tomorrow night.
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    Another question, if the juice from the purple beets stain your hands, can you get it off with soap and water?
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    I peel and chop before roasting (at 400 or 425). They cook quicker that way. You have to wash off the lovely red color the red ones stain your hand, but that's not so bad.
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    damn it. I only clicked on here to post this same thing. Well, at least I'm not alone.
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    I love beets, too, any way they're cooked. I especially like them raw in salads. If you eat a lot your pee will be pink.
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    They were awful. :( I didn't like that mineral like taste they have. I did like the roasted radishes though. I will try that again.
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    Pickled beets are one of my most favourite things in the world.
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    The only way I like them is roasted. And those I truly love. I usually toss in some balsamic vinegar with a little bit of olive oil, and salt and pepper. Food of the gods.
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    I roast them in the oven and melt goat cheese on them when they are done. So yummy.
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    Beets are a staple in my diet and I eat them raw. I'm actually having yellow and chiogga beets now, for lunch. They are delicious. The red ones bleed a lot, make a big mess, that's the only downside.
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    I used to hate beets because they tasted like dirt. Then I had them in a salad with eggs and avocado and I got converted. I love Aunt Nellie' s pickled beets but may try to roast some for the first time this weekend.