Any chewing gum addicts out there?

I am obsessed with gum. I chew it all day. It is embarrassing how much gum I go through. However, it is filled with chemicals, so I should probably stop chewing it so much. Any tips for killing my addiction?


  • queenliz99
    queenliz99 Posts: 15,317 Member
    Don't buy it anymore. Easy peasy.
  • Alluminati
    Alluminati Posts: 6,209 Member
    Pine sap. Or squid.
  • Ryann1983
    Ryann1983 Posts: 8 Member
    I chew gum all day, every day, too. My dentist told me to stop but it's hard to quit! My son has a sensory chew necklace. Maybe I should get one for myself? :wink:
  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,377 Member
    Everything has chemicals... if you like gum then chew it.