Aldis wine

For anyone who goes to Aldis to shop, what kind of wine is your favorite? Thanks!


  • mysticlizard
    mysticlizard Posts: 896 Member
    Your Aldi's has wine? Lucky you. :)
  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,939 Member
    Their sparkling and rose are good
  • crzycatlady1
    crzycatlady1 Posts: 1,930 Member
    Our local one recently started carrying alcohol-we're not wine drinkers but there's a few beers I want to try (they have 'adult' root beer, which is my favorite!). Problem is I always go with cash and a list and can't fit in the beer-must start planning better lol.
  • jls2837
    jls2837 Posts: 13 Member
    Winking owl is my fave- merlot or cab
  • TMW2119
    TMW2119 Posts: 178 Member
    I always go with Winking Owl Merlot. Very good, especially considering it is $4.
  • Zendrick
    Zendrick Posts: 83 Member
    I love winking owl chardonnay
  • ahoy_m8
    ahoy_m8 Posts: 3,009 Member
    The Aldi near me even carries Shiner Bock, but it seems priced the same as everywhere else... $14-ish for 12 bottles. I haven't tried the wine. I tend to drink less when it costs more. I guess I don't trust myself with more economical wine. :D A personal limitation, for sure.
  • Losewtforlife4him
    Losewtforlife4him Posts: 422 Member
    Thanks for your replies. I actually am not much of a wine drinker at all but was at Aldis and thought I would see what kind you all would say is the best. I didn't get any that night since I had left by the time I read your responses but now know the kinds to try sometime.