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I'm New but motivated (at least mentally)

I'm a little embarrassed but I have finally made the decision to get it together. I am not grossly unhealthy but I could be better. My goal is 30 pounds and maybe a marathon. (That's probably stretching it) Any support or new recipes are greatly appreciated.


  • rosemary31
    rosemary31 Posts: 33 Member
    Well done on making the decision to get it together. The blogs are really helpful and full of recipe ideas. Feel free to add me for support
  • EmmanniBear
    EmmanniBear Posts: 14 Member
    Thank you. I appreciate the energy. I think my greatest challenge is eating.... I wait so long to eat that when I get hungry, I'm grabbing at anything. So as you can imagine, heathy eating goes out the door. Lol.
  • Gnomeann
    Gnomeann Posts: 7 Member
    I am the same way! My job is pretty involved so I forget to eat and by the time I get home, either a pint of ice cream or ordering takeout seems like a completely ok choice. Have you tried meal prepping? When I'm on top of things I make batches of salad-in-a-jars and its way easier to grab one of those after work than to microwave crappy food.
  • EmmanniBear
    EmmanniBear Posts: 14 Member
    I never really tried food prepping. I'd like to try that. Sounds like it requires much discipline, and I absolutely love variety in my diet. How far out do you prepare your meals for? Couple days, a week?
  • laura__tiu
    laura__tiu Posts: 3 Member
    This guy is a beast at meal prepping- you don't need to buy his $6 ebook- lots of good stuff on his blog and site.

  • EmmanniBear
    EmmanniBear Posts: 14 Member
    Thank you @ Laura. This is awesome!!!!