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Meal timing - finding the energy.

bwmalonebwmalone Posts: 2,072Member Member Posts: 2,072Member Member
Do you have an eating plan that is geared around your training schedule?

Losing weight while learning Martial arts presents an interesting challenge - energy requirements!

I personally find that training on an empty stomach is a quick trip to "out of gas", that my stamina is very poor, and my performance suffers, especially while sparring.

I like to eat about 1-2 hours before training (timing depends on how heavy a meal, what time of day and what kind of training I am doing.).

I like carbs before training, as it seems I have the most available energy if I'm generous with carbs first... but if I'm gearing up for a long day of training, or going to a tournament, I want some lean protein in the meal as well, so I don't fade as the day moves on.

What works for you?


  • Matt200goalMatt200goal Posts: 481Member Member Posts: 481Member Member
    Unfortunately(??) no, the training schedule fits into the "life rotation" - but's that's probably OK as I'm a hobbyist who does it for pure enjoyment & personal development.

    Generally though:

    Wake-up & morning workout 45m-60m (some mix of cardio, strength training - some weights, but mostly just body weight, flex/stretch/yoga)
    Work (includes lunch)
    Train 90-120m

    Generally, I like dinner 1-2 hours prior & that "feels good." I've eaten on the way out the door & felt over full/bloated and didn't feel like I max'd training.

    I've also skipped dinner & trained hungry - and did feel low energy like you described above (curiously, I definitely prefer NOT eating before the morning workout)

    Preference: Eat a couple of hours before training, train, and then not eat anything again til breakfast. I generally don't feel like eating after training for several hours & it helps me stay within my calorie goals. For me - eating or even snacking after training -> just a bit quickly quickly turns into a "ravenous hunger" and BOOM!, I'm way over target goals for the day.

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