Ladies Post! Serious question

Ladies, How do you deal with the cravings that come along when Aunt Flo visits? This week has been so challenging for me and my food choices. I've done good most of the day but by 5:30 my cravings kick in overtime. This is the only time I have trouble. Any suggestions??


  • usmcmp
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    I allow myself some extra calories to eat something I really want. I usually stick to about 200 extra (which is around what a candy bar or a nice bowl of ice cream is).
  • kimothy38
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    I gave in and had cheesecake after dinner last night, felt yuck afterwards, then this morning it was like 'well hello, that's the reason'. Sometimes you just need a bit of whatever it is you fancy.
  • susanayt97
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    This month was awful, worst than usual, so I had loads of chocolate (over 500 calories...). And I regret it, because it didn't even feel that well. Not doing this ever again! Still figuring what how I should handle it...
  • VirtualMellie
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    Fiber one brownies and yogurt have saved me during that time.. Also halo top ice-cream lol I always budget my calories for something sweet or salty :)
  • Katiebear_81
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    I eat at maintenance if I need to allow myself to indulge some cravings.
  • JillPleaz
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    At craving o'clock drink a large glass of water. Then have what your craving but just don't go over board.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    I ate what I wanted, within reason, and knew that when my period started I'd have NO appetite. And I didn't force myself to eat. I "went with the flo" as it were.
  • SnobbyFitness
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    You ladies are so amazing!!! Thank you so much!! I really like the idea of drinking the water when I start craving and then having a little something. I've been allowing myself to indulge a little each day but I'm trying not to mess up so I don't have a lot of damage to undo next week.
  • fsemenova09
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    Try low calorie deserts. There are super easy and tasty recipes (I tries a mug cake the other day that has very little calories). It helps during regular days too, not only with aunt's visits)))
  • zjpq
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    I exercise for extra cals, work treats into my day (usually at the end so I look forward to it and don't go on a binge after) and/or eat at maintenance. Water, gum and brushing teeth can help with neeeeeddinngg to eat. Have managed to lose weight the last two months during that time and was shocked!
  • SnobbyFitness
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    Great advice!! Thanks ladies!!!
  • bbell1985
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    I fast pretty long during the day so I can get a decent amount of calories in at night, when I'm alone and can put food in my face in private.
  • GemstoneofHeart
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    I eat at maintenance if I need to allow myself to indulge some cravings.

    Same. It's worth it to keep myself sane.
  • kms375
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    I always work in something sweet to my day. Lately I have been going for halotop so I have can my sweet and binge a little without as much guilt
  • FeelingAlive
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    I'm on the pill and that has reduced my pms symptoms greatly, but I still experience cravings.

    I tend to save my fruit and yogurt (which I consider my daily treat) for after dinner, and therefore make a fruit salad. It's sweet, it's filling, and it's healthy. If you have calories to spare add muesli for extra texture.

    Another treat would be to freeze my yogurt. It's like a less sweet ice cream.
    When neither of these things work I'd prepare jelly and custard. You can choose how many sugar you add to the custard.

    Sometimes you just need that chocolate. Don't buy a large one, because you will be tempted. Give in to the cravings by eating moderately. Two weeks ago I felt like an emotional mess and I ate a piece of lemon meringue. I am still feeling good ever since.
  • SnobbyFitness
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    Awesome Ideas!!! Thanks ladies. My cravings don't usually hit until during that pesky visit. Prior to that I have the super emotional mess set it. Lucky for me it's almost over for this month.