Ways to reward yourself without using food

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Something I'd like to get better at


  • cee134
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    I like to bake a cake and then give it to a friend.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Well hopefully food isn't your only source of joy. Reward yourself with whatever you enjoy. Buy a new blouse, or a new game, or go away for the weekend, or get a mani/pedi or a new hair style.

    But even if you do reward yourself with food, just make sure it's not so much as to undo all your progress.
  • Avocado_Angel
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    Nice new perfume / aftershave. Nice new item of jewellery, new clothes. Maybe even a trip or a wee holiday
  • cwolfman13
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    Good health...
  • lisabinco
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    Time. I give myself time. I allow myself blocks of time to indulge in one of my hobbies. The luxury of uninterrupted time to do something I love is the best gift I can give myself.
  • caco_ethes
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    Bubble baths. :love:
  • Avocado_Angel
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    caco_ethes wrote: »
    Bubble baths. :love:

    I second this, I try to fit at least 1 bubble bath a week. Bubbles, candles, mmm aromatherapy. That's my real me time treat
  • Pedicure!!! New outfit, anything that helps me feel nice
  • helengains
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    Love all of these. Anything low cost is going to work best due to my extremely tight budget. Homemade healthy choccy treats are something I'd like to try but will power isn't great and I'd not be able to just have one. I have an incredibly addictive personality and sugar triggers it but I just love the feeling sweet food gives me. I'm loads better than I was so I should be proud of my progress. Need a new high instead of sweet food. I don't drink alcohol anymore either so depend on food even more now for pleasure in a way
  • susanayt97
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    I google that question a few weeks ago haha. Still haven't found my answer, but I liked the suggestions that involve taking care of yourself, like a bubble bath!
  • kimothy38
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    Most recent rewards were massage, tattoo, new workout clothes.
  • enyagoboom
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    i literally made an excel spreadsheet with goals and rewards on it. still filling it in, but i came up with pedicures, massage, new workout outfits, fitness tools, things like that. prior to this attempt i would reward myself with food not really thinking about how self defeating that is, and this time I am feeling and seeing way better results generally. having fun things like a wireless headset for my phone, or a new fitness app, or whatever it is, gives me something to look forward to and not break the bank. (new lingerie is a couple rewards too, @abetterme9366 , so i totally get that!)
  • Motorsheen
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    New panties. Sounds weird but I love them. And it feels good to buy smaller sizes.

    What do you do with the old ones? Asking for a friend.

    Sell them on Craig's list

    bid or 'buy now' ?
  • mlrtri
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    I do not have a "reward system" in place. I am working on taking better care of myself not only physically but mentally and spiritually. So I am making time for that and find this is helping me tremendously with sticking to my weight loss plan. I am scheduling time out with friends and going to devotion group at my church. I scheduled time with my sisters. I am a mom of 3 and so I have neglected to do all of these things for many years. My suggestion is to not reward yourself but to do things that improve your emotional and spiritual health as well as your physical health. Mind, body and spirit are all connected.
  • JimmyTooStrong
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    A carton of cigarettes
  • helengains
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    Love. I especially liked lapdance suggestion. I could dress up I and give myself one in mirror