No idea what I'm doing

I want to get a gym membership but I'm 100% clueless about what to do in the gym. I mean 100%. No idea about form or what any machines do or how many "reps" to do or how to establish a routine. And what about gym etiquette? Like manners and stuff? As you can tell I'm very nervous about all of this.


  • tiffaninghs
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    start with a trainer. dont sign any contracts though. just get 5-10 sessions and learn proper form and variations. from there u can go solo and use youtube and for routines to mix it up and keep ur body guessing..
  • tiffaninghs
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    also look up a place called orange theory fitness i think they are best for gym newbies. u have a coach at each session guiding u and a group of people
  • PKowalewski93
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    Hey Sami! and women's fitness magazine are some great resources for exercises ideas, that can be found both on the net and in print. There's also tonnes of accounts on instagran dedicated to inspiring gym-goers at every level of fitness, so try to search the gram as well!

    In terms of gym etiquette: just ask other ppl in the gym if you suspect they are not done using a peice of equipment, and wipe down machines and benches after you use them, and I promise that you won't have any problems! Happy gyming!
  • skymningen
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    Usually, when joining the gym you should get at least a basic instruction to the machines and introduction to the gym's traditions and etiquette.
    For etiquette it is rather easy: If in Rome, do as the Romans do. Watch and don't be offended if corrected.
    Many machines also have a printed explanation on them (because everybody can't remember the complete instructions of all of them in the beginning). A good gym would have some trainers around to stop and correct you if you do it clearly wrong and for you to walk up to with any question. If you feel better that way, ask for a full trainer session. It will cost money, but they can help you set up a plan.
    For workout plans, there are plenty of them and which suits you best depends on your goals and preferences. Because you were talking about 'reps' it sounds like you would like to build some muscle. There are nice sticky posts for good beginners routines in the "gaining weight & bodybuilding" subforums (not everybody there is a bodybuilder, most just casually build muscle).