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ccruz985ccruz985 Member Posts: 646 Member Member Posts: 646 Member
I've been on Depo Provera for the last four years. My last shot was in June, I decided to stop taking it. Does anyone have any experience with coming off of birth control and perhaps having any appetite/energy changes?


  • IsabeausRoseIsabeausRose Member Posts: 129 Member Member Posts: 129 Member
    I was two months late on my last depo shot and the only change I noticed was maybe I started losing weight a little faster. But I also took up exercise so maybe not.
  • jordyngiuliojordyngiulio Member Posts: 157 Member Member Posts: 157 Member
    I came off of the pill about 2 years ago after a decade on it and I didn't see a significant change. The only issues I had were worsened PMS symptoms and some ovulation bloating, but no overall changes in energy or appetite. I lost at the same rate on as off. Coming off Depo may be a little different.
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