Santa Sprint! Week 2 (12/8-12/14)



  • anglyn1
    anglyn1 Posts: 1,800 Member
    *make an effort to exercise in some way a 2-3 days a week
    2 workouts

    *mainly keep under 50 treats here and there but NOT nightly
    I did good here. Under 50 all week and often under 30.

    *try to get outside a bit most days
    Not as great here. I did take the 4 year old to an alpaca farm last Saturday!

    *make an effort to communicate with friends to improve mood
    Went to 2 dinners out with friends.
  • Flybeetle
    Flybeetle Posts: 387 Member
    @anglyn1 "make an effort to communicate with friends to improve mood" - such a good insight. We need connections to feel happy, yet it's so much easier to close ourselves off.

    I've reached a new milestone: didn't have (or feel like) birthday cake at a birthday over the weekend but I had a few strawberries instead, and they tasted like a treat. I'm that obnoxious person now ;)

    Need to get more workouts in, the heat here demotivates me. At least it's easy to gulp 2-3L of water.