1/1/18...new veggie friends needed!

Hi! I've been vegan for 14 years and have had some success with this app in the past. Just started back up today with hopes of reaching my goal. Single, busy, and a mama of three. I'd love some new veggie friends to connect with and encourage here


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    Sent you both requests, hope that’s ok
  • YogiJear
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    I'm planning on going vegetarian for 2018 and am still trying to work out how I'm going to replace my protein. Do any of you update your dairy regularly enough that I can take a look at?
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    My diary's open, but I may not be the best role model, lol! I generally aim for 60/20/20, though it's definitely not a hard and fast rule for me.
    Soy, beans, and grains are good for protein and getting all your essential amino acids. I do use analogues that tend to have decent protein, but I'm pretty kitchen lazy since being in a wheelchair. Plus, there's protein in everything, however minute. If you're still eating eggs and dairy, you'll have even more options to get protein in.
  • YogiJear
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    Ouch, hoping that the wheelchair situation is temporary and you make a speedy recovery!

    I currently eat 30/40/30 with meat and at 2350 calories a day I'm looking at 176g of protein. I'm soaking and cooking chickpeas for the time being to ease my digestive system into eating more legume but it has a relatively high carb:protein ratio for my liking so I'll eventually move on to other beans or lentils.

    I got some tofu and soy beans and sprouts recently that seem to have a much better ratio (the ratio for tofu were pretty much at meat levels) so I'm pretty happy about that. Cottage cheese is also pretty good.

    Do you find yourself eating more processed foods after going vegetarian/vegan? Whereas before the most processed food that I was eating on a regular basis were yogurt which I like for the probiotics, it seems now I'm going to have to eat copious amounts of cottage cheese and tofu and probably some TVP products.
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    Hello, I've been vegetarian for 20 odd years and mostly vegan for the last 4 years. I really want to be 100% vegan but I do find myself slipping every now and again so would be really great to get some inspiration and ideas for meals from fellow veges! I've not used this part of myfitnesspal before so please do whatever you do to get in touch if you like!
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    Great topic! I’ve been vegetarian since 1980 & took a bunch of notes today on healthy food choices for vegetarian weight loss. I’m sharing here!
  • YogiJear
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing! Everytime I saw a food that I've started incorporating into my meals I did a mental fist pump as if I'm on the right track haha.
  • momta4
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    Hi all! I’ve been vegetarian for a year and 2 months. Looking for friends to give ideas about losing weight with this lifestyle. It’s hard not to gravitate towards breads and pastas. I’m not new to MyFitness but have been inactive for a few years. I’m back and ready to do this!
  • joybedford
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    Hi I'm Joy I've been vegetarian since October and now transitioning to vegan. The only dairy I am currently eating is whey protein powder because I can't afford to replace it or justify throwing it away. I'd love new vegan/vegetarian friends.
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    Vegan, would love some friends. Feel free to add me! x
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    I'm a brand new vegetarian who would love some new MFP friends :)
  • violetta5345
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    Hi, I am vegan. Please add me if you wish.
  • KayceeM1976
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    Newly vegetarian looking for friends
  • oolou
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    Newly vegan in the last couple months - happy to be added to anyone's friend list if you have an open food diary that I can read for ideas. Thanks!
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    On February 22, I'll be celebrating my 6 year veganversary. I am on here daily giving and getting support and encouragement. You can send me a friend request, if you like. I do keep my diary private, tho, because I had a hater give me crap because I was eating faux meats.
  • Heather_J_May
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    Hi. I’m vegetarian but leaning towards becoming vegan. I’ve been veggie for 27 years but now want to eat in a less processed and more plant based way. Please feel free to add me.
  • Heather_J_May
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    Thank you Jo. I appreciate your support.
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    Vegan - feel free to add me.