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JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS | Round 30



  • SherryRueter
    SherryRueter Posts: 1,750 Member
    @terryrichardson1 : Thanks for the hydration advice.
  • tishawj
    tishawj Posts: 374 Member
    02/03 * 80.8 kg * I’ve been hit by the sodded cycle! Urgh. I am afraid I am going to need pizza to get me through this weekend but I will keep within my calorie intake!!

    Sometimes you just need to eat the pizza.... :D;)
  • nikki062181
    nikki062181 Posts: 676 Member
    @SherryRueter Congratulations!!!! That's wonderful news.
  • alicewonder_90
    alicewonder_90 Posts: 86 Member
    SW: 175.9lbs/ 79.8kg (1/7/2018)
    1st GW: 153lbs

    R28 SW: 177 EW: 174.4 AW: 175.8
    R29 SW: 174.2 EW: 171.3 AW: 173.3

    I’d love to see the ‘60s at the end of this round, but I’ ll be pleased with any loss!

    01/28 - 170.9 - Nice start..! under cals, 30mins of exercise..
    01/29 - 170.4 - really happy to see this, especially after a weekend..! I behaved..
    01/30 - 170.6 - Not bad, considering I ve been losing continuously for about a week.. I’ll take it!
    01/31 - 169.5 - I’m gonna get excited today, cause who knows what the scale will show tomorrow!!
    02/01 - 169.3 - :)
    02/02 - 168.7 - I had a very busy day at work, didn’t eat enough.. happy about the result though..
    02/03 - 168.9 - Expected! Good on cals, no exercise..
  • mombiejohnston
    mombiejohnston Posts: 121 Member
    Round 30
    01/28 133.0
    01/29 133.0
    01/30 133.0
    01/31 131.6
    02/01 131.6
    02/02 131.6
    02/03 131.6 - Ugh. I’m going to look at new scales at Target today. And do my best to really stick to the game plan this weekend and not derail with the combo of frustration and Super Bowl.
  • mombiejohnston
    mombiejohnston Posts: 121 Member
    @nicolabradley87 thank you so much for your kind words, it’s so helpful to feel heard and supported. Due to the nature of my job I am alone all day with no one to talk to so I’m very happy to be a part of this group, I’ve been missing this element in my journey :smile: and yes I am trying to stay positive and keep my eyes on the prize!
  • mombiejohnston
    mombiejohnston Posts: 121 Member
    I finally googled what TOM stands for :blush: lol