Nursing and cravings!!!

mindalyn Posts: 128 Member
Hi all!!!! I never had serious cravings while pregnant with my 2 boys (2.5 years & 6 months) but while nursing I am constantly hungry...starving...eating... and eating. I've lost all of baby# 2 and am back to working on my 1st. (40lbs to go to be pre baby) I haven't been on post #1 (big mistake - I know :smile: ) and am now getting back on the wagon. I need to know that I am not the only momma out there wanting to stuff her face every chance she gets, just bc of nursing. Please. How did you stop / control / end it?!?!


  • trjjoy
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    I'm stuffing my face as I'm typing ;)

    But what works for me has always been to munch on low-cal stuff, and especially veggies. It also helps that we're having a low-cal dinner tonight -- leek and potato soup.

    I'm a volume eater so I do best by eating copius amounts of food.
  • marianlyn
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    I see this thread has been quiet for awhile, but I figure it’s worth a try to see if anyone still follows.
    My little one is 3 weeks old now and I’m tracking what I eat. What kind of calorie deficit have other mamas been able to maintain and still keep up your breast milk supply?