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    Good morning everyone! My name is Vida. I'm 32 years old, single mother to my 12yo son, live in Virginia, and I'm looking to start a vegetarian diet in the near future. I've joined this group to get some ideas on how to transition and get recipe/meal options.

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    I'm Karina. I live in Houston, TX. I became Vegan 3 years ago thanks to Veganuary, but I've going back and forth Vegan/Vegetarian for the last year or so. Being a veggie lover makes me feel good :)
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    Hi there, I'm Susan from NewZealand. I have been gradually leaning toward vegetarian. Mostly, in the beginning, due to bad cooks. But I just stopped enjoying meat and almost choked on it. When I was pregnant I use to dry reach over the meat area. Nowadays I can see it from the animals point of view. Looking forward to finding recipe ideas.
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    Hi all. I'm Marie-Jeanne (not Marie) from Ireland. Been vegan for 10 years. I didn't know there was a special group on MFP. Great.
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    Hi, I am Cazzie from Adelaide, Australia. Joined Veganuary 2018 after watching the films Land of Hope and Glory and Earthlings. I was SO shocked at this terrible industry and the suffering it causes to innocent beings and I'm not even an animal lover. Really enjoying the plant based eating so far but would like to lose weight - a couple of stone at most. New to MFP too and really surprised at how quickly the sugar column goes over target, so I know what I need to do! Good luck to all vegans/vegetarians on their journeys - no matter what anyone else says :)
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    Greetings folks, I am Dave from England. I have been vegan as has my wife for 3 months now after our daughter challenged us to go vegan for November. As she says "We claim to be a nation of animal lovers especially when it comes to cats and dogs, yet we allow the abuse and slaughter of beautiful animals like cows and others", which puts it into perspective really for me. Anyway, I have no regrets apart from not doing it sooner and even though I need to shift some weight, it is coming off slowly so obviously I am still eating plenty.
    Take care all :)
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    Hi! I'm Heidi, from England. I went vegan in January 2017 after taking part in Veganuary.

    I used to be a big meat eater but learnt a lot about about the industry and what this means for the animals prior to changing, and just couldn't do it anymore. My only regret is not going vegan sooner.

    I'm a powerlifter and I'm here to shed some excess fat (lose around 15-20lbs)
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    Hi, I'm Michele. I'm 52 and live in Virginia. I am mostly plant-based but do sometimes eat dairy, eggs, and fish. For the most part, I cook and eat vegan. I just cook what I like!
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    Hi all! I'm Amanda from New York. I'm 45 and have been vegan since January of 2017. I made this change for all of the reasons so many of you have listed—ethics, health, environment, etc.—and really haven't had any difficulty adjusting. Before eating plant-based, I usually lost weight most successfully on low-carb diets, which I've found is much more difficult to manage while vegan. Right now I'm eliminating a bunch of foods to heal leaky gut syndrome, some of which fall into the high-carb category. So I'm hoping that will help me lose some of the weight I've gained since going vegan. Also, being honest with myself about what I'm actually eating...and tracking on MFP... Nice to meet you all!
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    Sienna from Arizona

    I have been following a Vegan/WFPB lifestyle for about 2.5 months now. I have lost 20lbs and feel really good. I'm also looking for more friends! My diary is open!
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    Hi, my name is Amelia. Long story short I have digestive issues, anaemia and am on the cusp of hypothyroidism. I firmly believe they are all due to my cycle of 'rather have a roof over my head and no food in my belly than food in my belly and no roof over my head' mentality. Circumstances led me to live like that for many years until the wheel of change finally moved.
    I am back to the basics of eat your greens. Well, eat my greens. I hadn't been for many years. My favourite type of vegetarian meals is indian so I eat alot of dahl and rotate it with a batch of brown rice and roasted vegetables. Making a conscious decision to feed myself with wholesome food has made me aware of just how important I am to myself. Always on the lookout for new ideas.... especially for flaxseed oil. I'm too daunted to even open the jar.
  • Hi lovely people! I'm 28 now and have been vegetarian since I was 13. Unfortunately starting a vegetarian diet at that young of an age doesn't lend itself well to healthy eating choices. I fill my tummy with breads, breads, pastas, breads, fried food, and more bread. I'm intent on keeping my vegetarian lifestyle and would love to hear some healthy recipes, awesome ways to cook tofu and other meat substitutes, and just to see what you healthy people are doing! Thanks for letting me join. :smile:
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    Hi everyone! I’ve never been a big meat eater (was raised vegetarian), but am a recovering cheese-a-holic. Easing my way slowly into an almost entirely plant-based diet. It’s been fun so far! Looking forward to learning new recipes!
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    i lived since 9 years vegan.
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    Hi I'm Yvette, I have been vegan for 8 months now and can really feel the change in my body. I find that the transition is very easy with all the vegan bloggers and I enjoy veganizing my meals.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Sabree and I went vegetarian 15 years ago when I was 10 years old. Eating animals made me sad. Roughly 2 years ago I developed a sudden and severe dairy allergy that resulted in me breaking out into full body hives. I have been dairy free ever since we figured out what the cause was. I do still eat eggs but only from reliable local sustainable farms that have happy back yard chickens.

    At my biggest I was at 210 and at my smallest I was at 120. I am currently at 145 (been stuck at this weight for a year now) and hoping to get down to 130 and to tone up a bit.

    Excited to get to know some other healthy and active veg heads!
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    Hi, I'm Tammy. I began eating a plant-based diet very recently after watching Forks Over Knives and reading Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease. I just want to be healthy and if I can help the planet and the animals while doing that, bonus. I jumped off the wagon about 2 weeks ago when I had relatives visiting and it was just easier to cook what was normal for them, then I went on vacation and just didn't want to think about figuring out what to cook or cooking 2 meals, I was on vacation, I just wanted easy. So, anyway, I'm back to my plant-based ways now. It's nice to read all of your stories.

    Good for you Tammy! Our family holuday meals are always interesting. We have 1 vegan and 2 vegetarians including myself. Everyone else is carnivorous. It's just become our normal!
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    Hello all,
    I would like to join this group! I've been a vegetarian most of my adult life -- went entirely vegan six years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Healthy and cancer free now -- Yahoo! -- but packed on weight during a five year course of medication to prevent recurrence. Been off the meds six months, finally had energy to start exercising regularly in the past two months or so. I have some terrific recipes and I'm always on the hunt for more!

    How wonderful!
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    Excited to chat with like minded peeps!