Feeling Ill The Day After Quickening My Walking Pace/Adding Running

I am a 43 year old who has been eating lower carbs (I am not on the Keto Diet) and have been walking as my daily exercise. As someone who has been stuck behind a desk for the last six years, I have finally managed to average 6,000 steps a day and am working to gradually increase that to 10,000.

I have also began adding fast walking/trotting/light running to my nightly walks this last week.

The problem is, the two nights I have increased my pace, I have felt very ill the next day, almost as if I have the flu (headache, feverish with no actual fever, muscle aches, inability to concentrate, extremely tired, weak, and over all just yucky).

I have looked through Google and found everything from an inflammatory reaction to allergy reactions due to the season, but the thing is even if I walk inside I experience the same reaction. If I walk at a normal pace, inside or out, I don't have this issue.

Any advice?


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    Are you in a calorie deficit? If so this is a stressor and add in carb restriction it can be causing issues as it relates to your performance and recovery after exercise.

    There are differing degrees of low carb, what may be low carb for me might not be low for another and it doesn't have to be keto to have an effect. Have you tried adding back some carbs to see if you feel better?
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    you could try adding a few more carbs back. or make sure you are eating back some of those calories. and hydrate

    are you prone to allergies? have you tried taking allergy medication while you are out and/or the next day?

    there are many possibilities and it's hard for us to diagnose
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    This raises lots of questions. How many calories are you eating? How many carbs? How far are you walking vs running? Are you following a structured run/walk program like c25k? The short answer is that you are doing too much too fast given your calorie & carb intake. The answers to the questions will help pinpoint why. For example, if you've gone from normal walking 6000 steps to running 6000-10,000 straps without increasing your calories and probably carbs, that would explain everything.
    My "advice" which is what you asked for is to follow a program like c25k and increase your intake by 200 calories.
    Congrats on your dedication to walking!
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    Thamks for all the feed back.. to answer the questions poses... My calories are between 1770 (set by MFP @ lightly active) and 2100 and carbs average 100 to 220 any given day (my diary is public) .. I do eat back some calories and eat more if I feel unsaited. I do use a nasal allery spray, but the I'll feeling is only when I up my walking pace or add in running, indoors or out. I am not following any specific program and only attempt to run if I feel my body is up for it.
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    briscogun wrote: »
    I saw the first part of your title: "Feeling Ill the Day After Quickening..." and thought this was going to be a Highlander post. I loved that movie...

    In response though, its the next morning? Not the same day/time of the exercise? Could it be... morning sickness? Just a stupid guy with a stupid question.

    Sorry, don't know the movie and no, no morning sickness as I had to have a complete hysterectomy in 2011 due to complications with Endometriosis and Ovarian Cyst. And to clarify, the yucky feeling usually starts shortly after upping my pace or attempting to run and last 24-48 hours.
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    The symptoms you describe sound a bit like heat exhaustion.
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    I definitely get flu-like symptoms when I overexert. I've never tried googling it, I just take a hot bath and ibuprofen. Do you enjoy stretching? That gives me GREAT relief. For four months I used to live in a small town with my 4 young children and no car, and after each day of walking all around with one in a carrier, and pushing one in a stroller, I'd seriously be feverish every night. (I also lost 20 lbs). But it's no fun losing weight that way. Hopefully you can add more vigor to your workouts in a gradual way that isn't unpleasant. Good luck!
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    Well, that sounds a bit like a medical mystery and something you might wish to talk to your doctor about.
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    I can't give you any advice but wanted to let you know that you're not alone. Whenever I upped the intensity in my workout, I'd feel sick, catch a cold, feel flu like, and tired. It was frustrating. That went on for a while but I can't tell you why it no longer happens for me. I was low on my electrolytes and vitamin D. Getting that sorted helped me in other areas. Maybe it will take a while for your body to adjust. Hope you find a solution.
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    When running, you're increasing your breathing rate, and breathing through your mouth, which is normal. This means your breath isn't warmed as much by your nasal passages and reaches your lungs at a cooler temperature.

    Runners are known to have weakened immune systems for a short while after running longer distances than they're used to. (I've just done a course that discussed this.) This is due to breathing with your mouth open, inhaling more dust etc, lower calorie intake.

    When I first started running 2 and a half years ago, I remember my first 10 km race, and after it, I sneezed and had to blow my nose at least 30 times in 2 hours.

    That hasn't happened at all since. But just yesterday, after my fastest 5 km run in 12 months, I felt like I was coming down with something. I feel fine today and just did an 8 km run at easy pace.

    Keep up the running (C25K is awesome, and I recommend parkrun), and you should have less episodes like this.
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    The symptoms you describe sound a bit like heat exhaustion.

    you are so right
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    Maybe this has to do with dehydration as well. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout your walk. And it may be a good idea to get a heart monitor to make sure you're not over exerting yourself.