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Wait.What? You even weigh THAT?



  • Francl27Francl27 Member Posts: 26,373 Member Member Posts: 26,373 Member
    If you're losing weight fine, I wouldn't worry about it. I've had bad experiences with packaged items weighing 20% more than what the package says though (sometimes it adds up to 100 calories!).

    Yogurt is always less than what the package says, so I don't bother. Granola bars can be easily 3-4g more. I don't really use that much packaged food that 20 calories here and there is a big deal, but it adds up.

    For ice cream, volume just doesn't work and I always weigh it.
  • NovusDiesNovusDies Member, Premium Posts: 8,942 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,942 Member
    JSYK, you have to weigh everything until you learn though. If it is 1 calorie or more you need to weigh it. The small stuff adds up and you need to figure out your system not rely on the systems of people posting here. I have a lot more calories to play around with than most people. There will come a day when I am down to the 250 deficit mark I will have to be super careful too but that day is not here yet.
  • glassyoglassyo Member Posts: 5,713 Member Member Posts: 5,713 Member
    I wasn't weighing my PB but i will now. I just put it into a Tablespoon and used a knife to scrape the top off to make it " even" but apparently a big no

    And then lick the knife clean. :)

    I would weigh cereal too. Using a measuring cup gets you all kinds of funky serving sizes depending on the cereal.
  • callsitlikeiseeitcallsitlikeiseeit Member Posts: 8,155 Member Member Posts: 8,155 Member

    really, i weigh most things. the list of what i dont is far shorter than what i DO lol
  • psychod787psychod787 Member Posts: 4,073 Member Member Posts: 4,073 Member
    When I started weighing food a couple years ago, I weighed every thing. Now, I have noticed I am really good at judging non calorically dense food, such as broccoli and greens. I actually weighed out 20 serving a of broccoli the other day, ptr it in a bag, and put it in containers for prep and did not measure anything. Came out with 19 servings just by using my eyes and hands as an estimate.
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  • CarvedTonesCarvedTones Member Posts: 2,340 Member Member Posts: 2,340 Member
    I weigh a lot of my foods, but not prepackaged. When I was losing the bulk of the weight, I had a high enough deficit that little discrepancies in packaged foods or stuff prepared by someone else and/or served family style that I just ballparked worked out close enough to even I guess. So far in maintenance (about 6 or 7 weeks), I still do the same - weigh as much as I can. In the morning, I weigh 8 oz of yogurt and mix in exactly 24g of PB2. I weigh cereal to the gram to match the serving size on the box and I weigh apples or bananas. I usually weigh some chicken to take for lunch. I have stayed in a pretty tight window the last few weeks; maybe a 3 pound variance. I think accuracy has a lot to do with that.
  • missysippy930missysippy930 Member Posts: 2,497 Member Member Posts: 2,497 Member
    Don't weigh a thing.
    Managed to lose 1/2 of my body weight from 3/2012 to 3/2013. As it happens to over 80% of us, managed to gain back 60 and am in the process of getting back to where I was 5 years ago. Still not weighing, still managing to lose without weighing my food. I am pretty good at measuring and eyeballing. So far it works for me. I keep well within my calorie budget. Will not be so strict that I feel I have to weigh everything. If it comes to the point that I am not losing, and I am not at my goal weight I may rethink this. Not for everyone, I realize, but works for me.
  • NovusDiesNovusDies Member, Premium Posts: 8,942 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,942 Member


    I don't think I said that. The OP has already chosen the weighing option so I was saying initially if you are going to do it to weigh everything before deciding what things like salad items you may want to eyeball. More to the point, I don't think it is wise to just copy what people are doing in this thread and their habits/systems before learning if it will work for them.

    I am a huge advocate of individualized dieting. I meant only to suggest an initial period of education not a long-tem necessity unless the OP needs it.
  • rose2_0rose2_0 Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    I honestly don't do it unless I'm not losing
  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Member Posts: 6,544 Member Member Posts: 6,544 Member
    I weigh, but not every time. Basically I weigh a new packaged food once to find out if it's consistent with the stated size on the package. Some are, some are very far off - for example my fancy bread weighs twice as much per slice as the package says.

    Other things I weigh until I learn what a serving looks like, then every once in a while for calorie dense foods like peanut butter to be sure my estimate isn't creeping upward. My trick with peanut butter is to get it out of the jar using a teaspoon - even a level tablespoon weighs more than the supposed serving size, but a heaping teaspoon is about right.

    Low calorie items like sticks of celery and cherry tomatoes, I don't weigh.
  • hiparihipari Member, Premium Posts: 1,264 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,264 Member
    The only thing I weigh consistently is nuts, when I’m prepping snack packs. Currently I don’t weigh other items, as I just don’t have the time and energy, and I just eyeball things based on ”I ate a third of that container” kind of reasoning. I don’t eat peanut butter, which most people in this thread apparently enjoy, so that’s not a weighing issue for me. If there’s a larger container of something but I eat all of it over the course of several days, I make sure my logging adds up to one full container.

    For veggies, I completely eyeball, or use the general ”tomato, one whole” types of logging items. I might get back to weighing more food items and tightening my grip on my diet when my schedule winds down in a few weeks.
  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member Posts: 10,284 Member Member Posts: 10,284 Member
    I always weigh new packaged foods a few times. Some brands are pretty darn consistent (my tuna, for example, weighs almost exactly 140 grams every time I tried, so I log that as 140 grams every time). Once I've established what's consistent and what's not, I only weight things that aren't very consistent. Weetabix claims a certain weight per 2 wafers, but I've always found my wafers weigh more (or less if one crumbled off too much), and I usually use 3-4, so it's not insignificant. I weigh and go by gram.

    ETA: for vegetable salads, if I'm not the one preparing it or if it has many ingredients and I'm in a hurry I don't weigh all ingredients. In that case, I just weigh the whole thing before dressing and log it as one vegetable. For example, mom makes a very simple but tasty salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and extra virgin sunflower oil. I portion out and weigh my salad, log it as tomatoes, add as much oil as my calories can handle for that meal, and I'm good to go.
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  • bunnyluv19bunnyluv19 Member Posts: 103 Member Member Posts: 103 Member
    I weighed a chocolate toasted-coconut donut from Timmy’s( calorie dense),I was eating at home out of curiosity and it weighed over the nutrition facts weight- I did the math& added the extra calories on_I weigh mostly everything at home( not iceberg lettuce)-especially if calorie dense or I’m eating a packaged food on the regular-I had a bad experience not weighing rye bread_but got suspicious b/c the slices were so,big-and the nutrition facts went by 1 slice and it ended up weighing almost twice! Say salsa or yogurt etc I use measuring spoons/cups.
  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member Posts: 10,284 Member Member Posts: 10,284 Member
    Interesting how many people don't weigh their yogurt. I always do. Then again, mine is whole fat (9% fat for Greek) so I do need to weigh it.
  • psychod787psychod787 Member Posts: 4,073 Member Member Posts: 4,073 Member
    Interesting how many people don't weigh their yogurt. I always do. Then again, mine is whole fat (9% fat for Greek) so I do need to weigh it.

    I weigh mine.
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