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Maintainers Weekly Check-In June 2018

stephenearllucasstephenearllucas Member Posts: 255 Member Member Posts: 255 Member
(I hope fidangul doesn't mind me posting the June thread, and I hope she's OK!)

Hello there maintenance friends old and new!!!
This thread is a continuation from the previous month. The aim of this thread is to have a weekly weigh-in check for some accountability or support.

Please copy the example form below by copy-pasting. Feel free to edit to suit your personal schedule. Fill in your information and post. Simply, update your form each week for the current month.

Have a successful month, what ever your maintenance/health goal(s) may be!!

Total Weight lost:
Time it took to lose:
How long in maintenance:
Maintenance weight range:
Average weight recorded from 2017 (12months):

Average weight recorded from January:
Average weight recorded from February:
Average weight recorded from March:
Average weight recorded from April:
Average weight recorded from May:

Week of...
3rd June:
10th June:
17th June:
24th June:

Success/struggles of the week:


  • icemom011icemom011 Member Posts: 935 Member Member Posts: 935 Member
    Name: Irina
    Age : 46
    Height : 5'7
    Total Weight lost: 75ish lbs
    Time it took to lose: about 10 months
    How long in maintenance 19 months
    Maintenance weight range, adjusted: 145 - 150 lbs

    Range of weight from December 143- 150.6
    Range of weight from January 144.2- 150.0
    Range of weight from February 142.2-149.0
    Range of weight from March 144.5-146.5
    Range of weight from April 142.2-149.6
    Range of weight from May 143.8 -150.6 :(((
    Week of...
    3rd June: 149.8 scale, 149.0 trend
    10th June: 147.0 scale, 148.9 trend
    17th June:
    24th June:

    Success/struggles of the week: working on not over indulging on snacks and getting some exercise. Small steps, but not a bad week. That trend number is so slow to go down, lol. Just read an article on eating disorders, And honestly, really, those are the suggestions? According to this i have an eating disorder, i step on the scale daily, i read nutrition labels, i control what i eat, darn! really??? Where will i, or probably most of us will be if we did what article suggest? Jeesh, idk. It's depressing, actually. I don't think of myself as the one with eating disorder, i eat great variety of food from all food groups, i eat healthy, three meals plus snacks and try to be reasonable, but it still falls into disordered thinking. I know it won't work for me, that's what got me to be fat most of my life, bunch of rubbish, imho.
  • brightresolvebrightresolve Member, Premium Posts: 1,024 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,024 Member
    Yeah @icemom011 I read that too as it was in a community thread and I reacted just like you.

    Felt to me like recommendations meant for people with UNDEReating disorders was presented by the writer as if it was for everyone, in order to further normalize not paying attention to weight.
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