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    Stats for the day-

    Mannual Runner- 6.33min, 134ahr, 151mhr, 13.06min mi= 73c
    Apple Watch- 75c
    Arm ski machine- 10min, 115ahr, 128mhr, 40aw, 1468meters= 85c
    Apple Watch- 113c
    Rope pull- 10min, 130ahr, 146mhr, 1019ft= 103c
    Apple Watch- 81c
    Floor exer- 6.40min, 125ahr, 141mhr, 3sts of 10 ea, planks elbow to hand, push-ups, on hands legs crossed under= 77c
    Apple Watch- 83c

    Total cal 338
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    Rita: Smart move. I hope you enjoy Nevada. My parents liked to gamble there. Mom used the slot machines and lost money. Dad played Black Jack and won enough to take us to dinner and pay our hotel bill. I sat in the waiting area. I was 11 or 12 at the time. Once I saw elephants come in the door. :smiley:

    Pip: Thanks for the information. I hope to be there beside the road and see you go by. We may have a conflict on dates. I hope not. We'll be there next year if we can't make it this year. :star:

    Allie: I agree absolutely with Lisa. You care. Working for a senior center would be ideal for the residents and good for you. :flowerforyou:

    We got both the lower deck and upper decks washed and pretty today. That is an annual chore that we didn't get done at all last year. I'm feeling proud of us. DH helped quite a bit & is now paying the price in sore muscles everywhere. Please send good thoughts his way.

    We're having our first picking of home grown purple pod beans for dinner. They will turn green as they cook. I plant them because they are easy to see, and I like the color.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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    Did Rodney Yee’s AM & PM yoga DVD I must say, that guy has one hot bod! The plan for tomorrow is to do some hula hoop, hold my plank then take the extremepump class.

    Barbara and Katla – my lenses are progressive and invisible bifocal, too. For some reason, the other day one of the pieces that go behind the ear just came right off so I had to get another pair of glasses asap. Fortunately, I was able to get them. But I’m not crazy about the new frames. Reminds me of my father some. I would like them thinner and smaller. Actually, I found a pair that I REALLY liked, only (unbeknownst to me) they were for a child.

    Mary – have fun at the party! You’re not going to do all that driving in one day, are you? Continued prayers for your daughter

    Did I tell you that we’re supposed to go up to Jess’ place in VA? She called and asked if we could help the bf move. Oh, I remember mentioning this (because I remember mentioning that we don’t have a problem helping our daughter – but her bf?). Well, honestly, I don’t know if he knows what he wants completely. He’s starting a new job. Since we’ve known him, this is the 4th job he’s had (I guess he and Jess have been together 2 or 3 years). He mentioned to me that he was going to be living somewhere else for 2 or 3 weeks. We were talking about this one bed that they have and he was saying about how he can probably keep a bed where he’s staying for a week or two. Then Jess told us that he’s moving in with 2 other people. So what’s going to happen, that I don’t know. I told him that if the only thing he’s thinking needs to come to the storage unit in NC is the bed, we could probably fit that in the back of our Outlook. I don’t know what his plans are for the other furniture. Then again – not my problem. I’m sure what he’s thinking is that we’ll come up, we take the bed, we drive to NC, and we unload it. Jess wants us to bring her cat down here. Update: now he's not moving in with the two friends, he's looking for an apt for himself. Well...not my problem

    Rita – I love reading about all your adventures.

    Esocha – welcome!

    Katla – we have one of the 40 gallon recycling bins and a 40 gallon garbage can. Honestly, after two weeks our recycling container is so full that there have been times when I’ve needed to borrow my neighbor’s recycling can. Yet, (fortunately) even after 2 weeks, our garbage can is usually only ½ full. I was reading in the paper, tho, that some cities are considering doing away with the recycling because too many people put trash and plastic bags, etc. into their garbage which taints the recyclables. We took a tour with the Newcomers to the local recycling place a while ago, and it was VERY interesting and informative.

    Pip – a good helmet is very very important. So glad you changed yours. We don’t need you having an accident.

    Well, we cleaned up Jess’ room which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but especially now that we’ll be getting Shadow. See, right after Jess left and Shadow was with Colby, she started peeing out of the litter box. This was not like her at all. But our (and the vet’s) best guess is that she was expressing her displeasure at losing Jess. Well, she’ll be losing Colby so I’m trying to get prepared just in case she starts peeing at our house. We took a lot of Jess’ things and put them in her storage unit. Some of the other things I put in the closet. Vince thought I was being OCD, he felt that we should just leave the basket of clothing she had out in the open. To me, IF Shadow were to pee on it, I really don’t want to have to go finding out what piece of clothing she peed on. Vince told me I could just wash the whole load. Well, why do that if I can just put it in the closet? Then I went in the pool, now to get dinner ready

    Allison – yes, you do do well with the elderly. Sounds like a job made just for you. I do hope you get it

    Talking about food and hydration, when Vince went to the MD he was told that Gatorade was good to keep hydrated and that he should be sure to drink it cold, something about it getting into his system better. Anyway, he knows that I’m a big water drinker but I don’t mind if it’s room temperature, I just don’t like it really cold (I always order “water no ice”). I wonder if it’s the same way with water (you should try to drink it cold)

    Carol in GA – so sorry about your friend.

    I call Rebecca’s front pocket to be in when she goes to the hospital!!!!

    Vince got some lights to go over my ceramics so we’ll go out when it gets darker out and check them out.

    Michele in NC
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  • csofled
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    Rebecca I'll be thinking of you. You'll be paving the way for me.
    My scans are scheduled in early August. Must ingest some radioactive substance the go back later for scans. The doc, hubs and I agreed it was time to investigate further my high parathyroid levels. Even though my calcium and Vit D levels remain normal.
    You've got this. Think of how good you will feel later!

    in College Station TX
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    Had a great time with my friend Ray his brothers band play,blues and jazz had a wonderful lady singing...
    Tomorrow I'm sleeping in a bit if Alfie let's me then call the first selectwoman and see about that job...wonder what the good Lord has in store for me.. you
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    Rebecca: Sending good thoughts your way. I hope everything turns out very well. :heart:

    Allie: Good luck on the job hunt. :star:

    We worked hard today and managed to power wash both decks. For the main deck we traded off doing power washing. DH wanted to help. He's sore now, and paying for the effort, but I'm glad he did it and I think he feels good about his actions despite his body grumping at him.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    csofled wrote: »
    Rebecca I'll be thinking of you. You'll be paving the way for me.
    My scans are scheduled in early August. Must ingest some radioactive substance the go back later for scans. The doc, hubs and I agreed it was time to investigate further my high parathyroid levels. Even though my calcium and Vit D levels remain normal.
    You've got this. Think of how good you will feel later!

    in College Station TX

    When I had my scan, the dye was in my IV. No worries its a flexible needle. For me after the IV went in and it was administered, I was on a gurney with the machine going around my neck area. I had to breathe shallow, and freeze. After 30 minutes of that, ( I did have a small moment in between to breathe deeply and move), I waited 2 or 3 hours, can't recall, and I came back for more pictures. The first batch of pictures are of your thyroid, and the tech's have to wait for nature to take over. It takes that long for the dye to reach the parathyroids. The second batch of pictures were more uncomfortable because I had to lie on my hands, which turned numb. Once it was over you breathe a deep sigh of relief!💗. The scans will tell your doctor if something is amiss. I do got this, as you do, my parathyroid pal!!😀
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    Now when a scan is done the incision is smaller. The doctors know which area to go to. Your neck is not laid open.

    Attacking the house tomorrow, because they owner wants to "stop by" on Friday. I think to check up on us! He said he wants to pressure wash the back cement pad, but that is just an excuse. If he wants to pressure wash anything, it should be the sun room ceiling!

    I have to take a medical washdown, using a special wipe. No shampoo or soaps. So I am going to shampoo and scrub Monday morning, then medical wash Monday night, and I also have to do it Tuesday morning.

    Staying home tomorrow because the anesthesiologist iand the pre-op nurse will be calling me. I don't know when my surgery is yet. So no going to the gym with husband😕.
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    Attacking the house tomorrow, because they owner wants to "stop by" on Friday. I think to check up on us! He said he wants to pressure wash the back cement pad, but that is just an excuse. If he wants to pressure wash anything, it should be the sun room ceiling!

    Our agency does an inspection of the property we rent several times a year. They are supposed to do it every 3 months, but it has extended out to about every 5-6 months because we've passed with flying colours every time. :)

    They give us about a week to 10 days notice, and it motivates us to do a really good clean of the place. It's not bad, in general, but we do a really thorough clean 2-3 times a year ... which is probably a good thing.

    M in Oz
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    I'm back at University (Uni) again!

    I am now officially in my Master's Degree program.

    In Australia, a person gets their Bachelor's Degree (4-5 years of University). I did that in Canada, and my 4-year Bachelor of Education was accepted in its entirety here in Australia.

    (A person could also go the Vocational Education and Training route ... attending TAFE or a private college to get a diploma or certificate in a more skills-based area. I have done something similar in Canada as well - getting Engineering Technology, Software Development, Business Administration - Accounting, etc.)

    However ... after the Bachelor's Degree, a person might want to pursue a Master's Degree.

    There are (at least) two ways of doing this:

    1) Complete a Bachelor's Degree, then leap right into the Master's.
    If the Master's is in the same area as your Bachelor's Degree, your Master's will be 12 courses (1.5 years full time). If the Master's in is a different area as your Bachelor's Degree, your Master's will be 16 courses (2 years full time) because you'll take 4 additional courses to bring you up to speed.

    2) Complete a Bachelor's Degree, then ease into the Master's by taking it stages.
    If your Master's is in the same area as your Bachelor's Degree, you'd take 4 courses and acquire a Graduate Diploma. Then you'd take the remaining 8 to get the Master's.
    If your Master's is a different area as your Bachelor's Degree, you would take 4 courses to acquire a Graduate Certificate and get up to speed in the new area. Then 4 courses to acquire a Graduate Diploma. Then the remaining 8 courses to get the Master's.

    Getting the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma both improve employment odds because some jobs will say that they want someone with at least a Graduate Diploma in this area. In other words, they want someone who has a 4-5 year Bachelor's Degree in whatever plus additional courses at a Master's level to get them up to a Graduate Diploma level, ideally specialising in a particular area.

    As I mentioned I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education ... when I decided to pursue my Master's I wanted to do it in IT. So I took the 4 courses and graduated with a Graduate Certificate in 2016. Then I took 4 courses, and will graduate with a Graduate Diploma this coming August. And now I have commenced the first of the 8 courses to get my Master's.

    I take the courses 1 at a time because I work full-time and just can't handle more than 1 at a time.

    Fortunately my instructors know all about the situation with my husband and have been surprisingly supportive. So hopefully this will go all right.

    Essentially ...

    "This unit provides students with an understanding of the management issues surrounding information technology (IT), the knowledge of management functions and responsibilities necessary for IT managers, and the knowledge to apply IT management principles in the organisational environment."

    Machka in Oz
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    Carol, I’m so sorry about your college friend.

    Beth, thanks for reminding us of the stress of high protein on kidneys.

    Michele, hugs, sweetie.
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    Good morning!
    Went out for my run at 6.10. It was so beautiful out there. I ran down a lane that has trees arching over it, so I was running through a green tunnel. The low sun in a bright blue sky blinded me at every gap in the tree cover.
    I listened to a couple of podcasts I'd heard before, but could easily stand a second listening. "Fairytale of New York" and "Bring Him Home". Marvellous! Have any of you that found the Soul Music podcasts managed to listen to anything yet?

    Then I did all most of my exercise regime. I'm up to 764 calories and we will be doing a big supermarket shop this afternoon, so plenty of walking and lifting to add to my bonus calories.

    Having the left over Easy Crustless Spinach and Feta Pie for lunch. Some of the new people may not know this staple of the vegetarian slimmer. :D Available from the skinnytaste website. I put extra frozen spinach in it this time because I was finishing a packet. You do need frozen leaf spinach, not chopped. We eat a third each of the pie for dinner and share the last third for lunch the next day. DH has it with mango chutney. I like it with peri peri sauce. We have either a salad or vegetables with it. It's also great to cut up when cold and take to a pot luck.

    My friend with the terrible foot injury is seeing the hospital on Wednesday. She hopes to have her stitches out. Then it's weeks of rehab. I'm going to pop over tomorrow afternoon to see her. I'll text her today to see if she needs anything from the big supermarket. She had a houseful of visitors last week, including her sister.

    Love you all, Heather UK xxxxxxx