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Bread is my weakness

mistipattersonmistipatterson Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
I tend to binge on any type of bread if it's available, especially dinner rolls. I will eat sliced bread if that's all I have. No butter or anything, just the bread. Rainbo makes the softest.
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  • GamlielaGamliela Posts: 2,487Member Member Posts: 2,487Member Member
    I have done that too. My weakness will also include, bisquits, crackers, cookies, pretty much anything with a wheat, fat and sweet combination. So most of the time I do my best to stay away from those ones, they seem to be high calorie items as well. I try to make sure there are alternative things to eat, like sugar free yogurt, fruit, other safer foods instead of grabbing the more triggering foods if I can. Look into some other foods you can eat that dont set you to binging.
  • aWildFlowereaWildFlowere Posts: 78Member Member Posts: 78Member Member
    Yep. Doing very well at avoiding breads so far but pizza crust and hot dinner rolls at restaurants with Grade AAA? Butter...yummers.
  • clsumrall1clsumrall1 Posts: 485Member Member Posts: 485Member Member
    Step way from the carbs. I tell myself that daily. If I continue to eat my favorite things then I expect the same outcome. Obese. I’ve worked too hard to succumb to that. Walk walk sip sip lean protein repeat. :)
  • LexieSweetheartLexieSweetheart Posts: 802Member Member Posts: 802Member Member
    Have you tried cloud bread? Or the two ingredients bread? Both are pretty low carb
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