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    Machka - Thrilled to hear your hub was able to get outside and ride again! That is a very exciting step forward.

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    Did the zero to sixty with weights DVD. Even tho it is very low impact, I sure worked up a sweat! The plan for tomorrow is to do a Quick Tummy Toner DVD

    Got my car back yesterday. Vince drove it home and it seems to be OK. He was on the internet last night looking at cars for me. We probably won’t buy one until after we get back from St. Kitt’s.

    Vince’s back is hurting him so he’s gone to the doctor’s today (natch, I knew that he’d be going). His concern is that he’s supposed to go to St. Kitts also. Well, if he can’t, I will go and be there for Jess. Didn’t get to the screens yesterday. He slept in the bed last night and today his back is hurting him again. It was getting better as the evening went on. I’m wondering if perhaps for a while he shouldn’t sleep in the bed.

    Last night my eyes were burning so I had Vince put these artificial teardrops in my eyes and I took a Sudafed. I’m not sure if the Sudafed is called for, but it can’t hurt. Today they’re fine.

    Okie – have fun at your lunch

    M – so good to hear that your husband went riding!

    Beautiful weather here, low humidity, in the 80's, clear sky. The paper says it'll get warmer as the week goes on.

    Michele in NC
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    Made chocolate chip cookies for Vince and Jess. Then iced the rest of the chocolate muffins I have just in case Vince doesn't go to St. Kitts. If he does, I can always freeze them. Now going to make a shrimp orzo salad to take to the bowling party Monday.

    Michele in NC
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    Lisa, I assume you will be traveling East on I-40 from Amarillo, if so, you will be about one mile from my house when you drive by Tinker Air Force Base in OKC, be sure to wave. I'll be watching for you. Have a safe trip <3

    Janetr OKC
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    Need some info if you use Tumeric. What is it used for & does it make a difference.Is it used only for joint health? Need some answers before next Dr appt.He will grill me on it. Don’t find much about it at drugstore.Thanks for any info. Pat in Oh
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    Allie, what a wonderful sight! I wish I could have joined you! I hope you had as much fun as it looks like!

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    Hi Sisters, popping in for a second while drinking my smoothie and taking my supps, going out to feed horses and transplant tiger lillies in my garden next, Meanwhile here is some interesting research I found: Progesterone promotes bone building. Research found progesterone to be extraordinarily effective in reversing osteoporosis.(9, 10) There is evidence that progesterone may prevent and treat women’s osteoporosis. Progesterone stimulates osteoblasts and prevents bone loss in pre- and possibly perimenopausal women. Studies indicate that progesterone – likely working through bone formation pathways -plays an active role in maintaining women’s bone and in osteoporosis prevention.(11) Research shows that transdermal progesterone had bone-sparing effects.(12)

    Read the full report here: https://hypothyroidmom.com/progesterone-thyroid-a-hormonal-connection-essential-for-optimal-womens-health/

    It is very worth reading IMO, love ya'all, Happy Anniversary Machka, <3 Wendy

    Very interesting,but finding avDr who has this info would be a long search . Pat in Oh

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    On vacation - won't hear from me; and, will be totally as lost as skipping 296 posts since my last time checking in. But, tracking food; starting today. Yesterday we ate fast food and then BBQ when we got here, at Will & Tami's lake house.

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    Went with company to Trees of Mystery https://www.treesofmystery.net/ Even screwed up courage to ride the sky trail gondola :sick: When BIL said "You're scared $#!tless, aren't ya'" I replied "you betcha! Better than to have it scared out of you!"
    Managed to make steps and keep under calories tho' nowhere near protein goal and no time to meditate, take care of knees. Tried my first AF wine, not my fave, will give it another chance before I feed it to the plants. ;)
    Today it's Farmers' and Artists' markets, more seafood for them, more beach for us all, maybe music and dancing in Gold Beach. Possibly a walk down to the cistern, tho' I hesitate to share it with the noisy 11 y.o. boy (selfish me!), and not sure how SIL's new knee will take the slope...

    Heather does everything close during bank holidays? How long will this one last?
    Machka reading about your husband's first ride since the accident, WOW. What a miraculous way to celebrate your anniversary!
    Barbie Lying down so much must be wearing. Can you vary the position at all? Legs up a wall? Pillow or towel roll under or between knees? Imagine the inactivity is nearly as painful as the pain. (((Hugs)))
    Allie thank you for the beautiful balloon pics!
    Pat in OH you'll get buckets of info from Lanette, Dana and others here who use tuRmeric. Think it's majorly anti-inflammatory.

    Time to squeeze in a brief meditation and knee care session before company returns.

    Thank you all my very very dears.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    60 g protein 20/24, meditate 10/24, walk one more step 10/24, knee exercises 10/24, core 5/16, walk Tumble 11/16 times, SWSY 0/8, hang up or purge art 0/1, AF 18/24
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    Lenora - have a great time. Where are you going?

    Feeling angry at myself because I had to have some of the cookie dough and then taste the cookie, also had to taste the salad to be sure there are enough spices. Sigh....

    Michele in NC
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    exermom wrote: »
    Feeling angry at myself because I had to have some of the cookie dough and then taste the cookie, also had to taste the salad to be sure there are enough spices. Sigh....

    Michele in NC

    That's why we only eat back half our exercise calories ... so that, if we happen to taste the cookie dough, we're covered. :)

    Machka in Oz

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    kymarai wrote: »
    Pip please send me the link too!

    I am feeling like it is springtime at work! Another crazy day. Time to get some shut eye.

    Prayers for healing, comfort and safe travels!
    (((Hugs))) to All just because they feel good!


    I messaged u the link., thanks so much!!!!
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    KJLaMore wrote: »
    Good morning all! Happy Saturday! I can hear the lake from my bedroom (in the back of the house) with the windows closed!! So I bet the waves are big and the lake is angry today! There is a series of storms coming across the lake and a "red flag" warning has been issued for yesterday and today. Red flag means rip tides, big waves and that the lake is not suitable for swimming and usually not good for small craft. Heard the sirens of emergency vehicles quite a bit yesterday, as people continue to disregard the red flag warning and go into the lake. :/ In 99% of these cases, these people are not locals. Tourists trying to get the most out of their vacation time. I get that. But what an awful way to lose a child! Two weeks ago we had seven near drownings and three drownings all in one day!
    Machka- Happy belated anniversary! I love what you have done with your photos, also! Very cute!
    Suebdew- Ugh! I know how that heat and humidity can take it out of you! Hope you feel better soon!
    Pip- So proud of you and all you have done for MS, through this ride! You ROCK, lady! I wish I had the $$ to send something, but all I can send is my love and best wishes for a safe and successful ride! <3 to you and Kirby!
    Rye- Glad your visit home went well, and glad you made it home safe (Ugh, a flat tire in the wee hours!). SO sorry about the $$ and having to cancel a doc visit! I am with you on that boat.
    Allie- Do you get to chose your footwear at work? A good pair of shoes is a must when you are working on your feet. May I also suggest an ankle wrap/support so help your ankles adjust to the extra time standing? Sit when you can. Elevate and ice (if swollen) when you get home. You are on your feet...are you walking or standing. IF you are standing, try to walk when you can or at the very least switch from foot to foot as you stand. Oh, if you need extra arch support, wear those in your shoes for a while also. I am in the "on your feet all day" fight with you! Hope your body gets used to it and it just becomes the new "normal" for you! (In a good way!)
    Lisa- Boy!! You are tucked Waaaay down into the west side of Texas! Be safe as you travel about!
    Heather- Awww! Hugs to your cancer friend! I bet those flowers were a big "pick me up" for her! We do have box flower services here in the U.S.. Hope DH makes some headway with your solicitors.

    Well, Trentin has arrived so I will sign off so I can pack us a picnic lunch. We are headed downtown to the library and a couple of other places. We will probably go check out the lake and watch the crazy surfers. Tomorrow I am packing a lunch and we are headed to a nearby nature center to see the animals, plants and do some hiking!

    Love and hugs to all who need them! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)

    thanks so much, that's good enough, I'll take it!!!! don't worry about it
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    :) A note about bone density. Several doctors including a bone specialist said that what I've been doing was exactly what was prescribed for good bone density but my bone density wasn't responding. The medicine prescribed by the specialist didn't do enough so when this treatment is finished, my doctor is going to put me on Fosomax. I consume plenty of calcium and vitamin D, do strength training, walking, and dancing and consume a meatless alkaline diet and it wasn't enough. I did the best I could and it wasn't enough. Right now I am staying in the moment and warding of despair.

    <3 Barbie

    Barbie... YOU did enough! And YOU will continue to do what you can. Sometimes a situation, despite our best efforts, is just out of our control. And that realization is heartbreaking ... I know. But it is never the end of the story. I am praying for you, your husband and your medical team. Hugs.

    Janetr ... I LOVE that photo of "chiseling away."

    Son's wound is healing! Yay! We are on schedule for surgery Wednesday. Just hanging out here in the hospital until then as you can't be going home with catheters and hardware hanging form your spinal column.

    Oh ... can't remember who made the dollhouse ... but WOW! What time and effort. Someone little girl is going to be very happy.

    Beth in Buffalo
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    I'm at $880 now!!!!
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    Alison ~ Beautiful Balloons! I know you enjoyed seeing them float away.