How did you quit soda?



  • Burcar86
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    I stopped cold turkey an now if I even try it tastes awful, the carbonation alone burns an hurts. My advice would be try different drinks an juices until you find something you enjoy just as much. I also lost a good deal of weight once I stopped drinking soda.
  • debtay123
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    i drink a diet pepsi each night- this is one of my treats- I drink water or hot tea etc
  • PowerliftingMom
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    Cold turkey. The only time I drink it now is when we eat out, but even then, I'll have a couple of sips and then I'm done. I never thought I would be able to stop drinking soda daily.
  • paperpudding
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    I guess the answer depends on why you want to quit it.

    If it is for calories, which everybody seems to be assuming ( fair assumption since this is a calorie counting site) then yes, just switch to diet version. Play around to find one you like.

    If it is because carbonation bloats you - wean to non fizzy drinks. Or drink it after it has gone flat.

    If it is because of the caffeine (is that why you quit while pregnant?) change to non cola versions. as most sodas do not have caffeine only the cola flavour ones.

    If it is because of the cost, gradually reduce your consumption to affordable levels (or buy them on special ;)
  • Packerjohn
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    kg000 wrote: »
    I drink Spark instead. Find a drink that works for you, I want the caffeine and vitamins so I use Spark.

    Not going to spend my money on that MLM stuff.
  • arcadiasailor
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    Gave full cal soda and ice tea up for lent. I try to stay away from carbonated beverages because it gives me the burps.
  • 777Gemma888
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    Stopped buying it.
  • vegmebuff
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    I love my Soda Stream machine - a bit of stevia and lemon or lime yum
  • I never was a soda fan, but if i'm craving that sweet soda taste, I'll grab a Monster. Seems to do the trick. And, it helps that they have zero calories!
  • pegaso6957
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    Instead of soda, I add mio (flavoring drops) to water. I don't like to drink plain water so adding the flavor helps me drink more water. If you need the caffeine, mio comes in a caffeinated variety. You also can put it in sparkling water if you miss the carbonation. It has helped me a lot
  • reflectionofme
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    I switched to diet soda years ago so no calories but that is all I would drink. So about 6 months ago I started adding in caffeine free/diet soda till I was only drinking the caffeine free ones. Once I was able to get over the caffeine addiction I found it much easier to drink water. I bought a big water bottle and it's always beside me. No cal flavoured water drops or lemon wedges give me some variety. I have the odd diet pop if we go out somewhere but that's it.
  • yukfoo
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    Just finished a diet Coke but try flavored water. Nestlé Variety Pack 24 × 500 mL at costco, walmart ect. just plain water with a great taste. A nice break from soda. Very addictive!
  • CheekyChiq88
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    I have to lock myself in a room and swallow the but seriously the struggle is real
  • VUA21
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    SabrinaJ89 wrote: »
    I'm definitely an emotional eater and when I'm stressed at work or home soda is like my go to stress reliever. I've quit drinking soda in the past when I was pregnant but I had a different reason to then. Anyone have any tips or advice on how to kick the habit?

    I switched to diet soda. Diet soda doesn't inhibit weight loss as it has virtually zero calories.
  • barefootcassie
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    I was a hard core diet soda drinker until I started having lots of vertigo episodes. Then the hearing loss started. I finally was diagnosed with menier's disease. After some elimination diets I discovered that caffeine was my big trigger for the vertigo episodes. Rather than switch to caffeine free, I decided to cold turkey it. I feel so much better without it! I never realized it was making me feel so crappy.
  • SabrinaJ89
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    Sorry I havent responded to anyone, crazy week so far!

    For the most part I feel like quitting soda altogether would drastically reduce my calories in. Some days at work i drink 3 20oz sodas (mt dew is my downfall.) I quit drinking soda while pregnant because of the caffeine.

    Now I feel like I have myself tricked into thinking soda helps with energy or making me feel better. I've tried drinking diet and its just gross to me, I did good for a little while with flavored water but keep coming back to soda
  • goals15000
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    If you don’t like the idea of diet drinks maybe you’ll enjoy carbonated waters, they come in flavours too. I like mine in a can it gives me that feeling of drinking soda.

  • competeagain
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    Stop buying it
    Don’t allow it in your house
  • kq1981
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    I haven't given up anything, just make more informed choices that fit in with my allowance. I failed weight loss soooooo many times before because i "gave things up". I drink sugar free soda, tastes better to me now 😊