Wanted- Low-calorie Adult Drinks preferably liquor based drinks

preferably liquor based drinks


  • cathipa
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    Diet soda and vodka
  • bemyyfriend0918
    bemyyfriend0918 Posts: 241 Member
    Diet soda with liquor of your choice. Honestly the lowest calorie way. I like diet sprite and flavored rums.
  • bigbandjohn
    bigbandjohn Posts: 773 Member
    I like the Ed Stoudt method, modified for your request. Have a real drink and a glass of water. Alternate between the two. Get the good quality of the real thing without diluting it. 1 drink is like 2.
  • Kathryn247
    Kathryn247 Posts: 570 Member
    Rum and diet ginger ale, maybe with a splash of lime. Also works with vodka. Cruzan Black Strap is my go-to rum, great with just ice.
  • marsellilove
    marsellilove Posts: 122 Member
    I've become a gin woman lately so gin and seltzer with fresh citrus has been my go to. Or drink something like red wines of good quality that encourage savoring. Keeping seltzer in my house at all times has also helped me kick the cola habit so that's a plus.
  • mrowrmeowmrowr
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    Vodka, water, mio drops (water flavor)!
  • amy19355
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    I wish alcohol didn't interfere with my efforts to moderate my consumption of food.

    But, it does, so I don't much drink any more. Beer was the worst of my alcohol choices and one beer always led to more.

    I agree with the above idea of alternating liquor (no mixer) with water; it's sure how I used to keep the hangovers from occurring if I was hitting the sauce hard at a party.
  • elizabethmcopeland
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    Vodka or Gin (get a good one. Not Mr. Boston's. Had a few beautiful ones in the UK last month, Irish Gunpowder Gin, Brockman's...): 1 shot in a tall glass, fill with club soda, a lot of lime. I like this one because it paces and hydrates me. :)

    I also like whisky on the rocks.

    Yeah, yeah, I like old man drinks, sorry.
  • funjen1972
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    I've recently discovered low cal beers. I find Miller 64 is the best option, but it is still a sad, sad beer. I'll drink it for tailgating and other casual all day affairs.

    My other options are:

    1. Vodka, water, splash of cranberry with lime
    2. A robust glass of wine

    I drink the wine slower so it lasts longer for me.
  • deonbfit
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    Vodka, water, mio drops (water flavor)!

    I do the same but with carbonated water. Soo good!!
  • Damian45
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    Diet Coke and Bourbon. Most bourbons only have 70 calories per ounce and zero carbs.
  • PennyP312
    PennyP312 Posts: 161 Member
    Grey goose and diet raspberry lemonade (or just diet regular lemonade)
    Goose and diet cranberry
    Goose and Diet Coke
    Captain Morgan and diet ginger ale
    Mimosa made with lower cal orange juice

  • nicsflyingcircus
    nicsflyingcircus Posts: 2,179 Member
    Absolut lime and club soda. I always liked vodka and soda with lime, I like this better.
  • sramgirl
    sramgirl Posts: 17 Member
    Tito's Vodka, a splash of Real Lemon, a pinch of stevia, on ice with lots of water.
  • FarmerCarla
    FarmerCarla Posts: 601 Member
    Zevia Cola and Jim Beam--69 calories and 0 carbs.
  • karahm78
    karahm78 Posts: 491 Member
    Malibu in Diet Coke, with a lime slice
  • jryepin93
    jryepin93 Posts: 73 Member
    I know this sounds terrible...but vodka with lime lacroix is pretty good.
  • jjpptt2
    jjpptt2 Posts: 5,623 Member
    Tequila and diet coke/coke zero