Where do you shop?

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Where do you buy your clothes?!

Context: I’ve decided to go on a shopping spree for the New Year. All of my clothes are too big now (yay!), but I’ve been struggling to stay on track lately. I’m afraid I’ll slowly start to fill them in again. I’m thinking that buying appropriately fitting clothes will keep me motivated and accountable. But I’ve been looking around at stores and am NOT a fan of the new styles. And I don’t know how to dress my body well. I am SO SIMPLE. Old Navy and Target are my go-to but I want to also elevate my style a bit now. Nothing crazy, but maybe it’ll be nice not to wear jeans, a T-shirt, and a cardigan every day of my life.

What do you wear? Where do you shop?


  • RunsWithBees
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    Mostly shop at TJMaxx, Marshall’s & Ross... it’s a bit like treasure hunting but I always find something I like! I buy workout clothes, casual & dressier clothes there. The only clothing I can’t find there is workwear because they don’t sell scrubs, I wish they did.
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    Thrift store most of the time these days.
  • laurenq1991
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    Secondhand from Ebay, Etsy, or Poshmark. It's so much cheaper and much easier to find what you're looking for. I also recommend checking out Uniqlo (either secondhand or new). It's one of my favorite brands and it has a lot of "basics with a twist" which it sounds like you're interested in. In my experience their clothes are also pretty durable (I had one flannel shirt from there that I wore every week 9 months out of the year for 8 years, and the only reason I got rid of it was because it got stained but it was still in otherwise wearable condition).
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    OP shops!
  • leighannrenee2014
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    I love ASOS.com clothing and shoes—they have some great options for different body types/ages/style preferences. Also Target is a great place to go for stylish new stuff, or at least to get some ideas. Also Madewell has some great quality (pricey, too) pieces—their jeans are 👌🏾 and Marshall’s.
  • Sambo_fitness
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    For athletic clothes - fabletics. Absolutely love the quality.
    For work clothes/day to day clothes - Kohl's.
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    Mostly shop at TJMaxx, Marshall’s & Ross... it’s a bit like treasure hunting but I always find something I like! I buy workout clothes, casual & dressier clothes there. The only clothing I can’t find there is workwear because they don’t sell scrubs, I wish they did.

    Same here, I love TJMaxx because I have champagne tastes and beer pocket money. I'll also check out JCPenney if you have one in the area. They'll have decently priced clothes during sales and some good work clothes. I pretty much live in dresses. The only thing I splurge on are coats, which I generally get from Macy's when they go on sale in January.
  • tcunbeliever
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    I like Marshall's for dressier stuff, or Amazon, but mostly Iove browsing Goodwill and thrift stores.
  • mbaker566
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    tj maxx and target
  • Cassandraw3
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    I really like NY & Company, but there isn't one near me. I mostly shop TJ Maxx and Ross, sometimes Kohls.
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    JC Penney for most of my regular work clothes. ModCloth (online) for dresses, sweaters/cardigans, and shoes. Walmart for lounge-y type stuff and workout gear (what little I do).
  • cariwaldick
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    Belk--not sure how widespread they are. They've got a lot of expensive name brands, but their sales are pretty awesome. At this point, I'm looking at smaller sizes, but I plan to lose more, so I can't afford to replace the whole wardrobe, and do it again in six months. I look for sales, and buy cheap stuff. Ross is great, and Goodwill is fine too. I'll be shopping yard sales in the spring. I just bought a top today at the grocery store of all places. The joy is that I can wear normal sizes now. I'm also considering altering some of my old clothes to fit a little longer--close up the neckline, take in the waist. I've been advised to also keep a pair of my biggest pants to do a comparison later.

    As to the worry about gaining it back, that's a possibility. You're in control of that, and you'll need to be careful even when you reach your goal. If there's something you love that you're shrinking out of, hang on to it. Store it, and hope you never have to touch it. When you reorganize your closet, give it to someone else.

    The good thing about wearing smaller sizes, is that anything looks good. You can rock those bargain finds. You don't need to hide in your clothes.
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    My current favorite affordable store is H&M and Forever 21. Now that I'm smaller again, I get stuff at Zara. I also like Modcloth and Anthropologie.
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    if you don't know how to dress to your body type - places like macy's and nordstorms offer personal shoppers - who can do consultations and once you get an idea - you can go to places like tjmaxx; marshalls etc
  • tcunbeliever
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    Or you could just plug your measurements in here for a start:

  • itzcath
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    I buy ALL my clothes at thrift stores. It helps that I work within a 3 block radius of 4 different thrift stores. I find the alot of beautiful stuff, including designer clothes frequently. A co-worker that used to work for a designer clothing manufacturer in Montreal is constantly blown away at what I find and I get compliments all the time from people about my clothes.

    You just need time and patience to dig for stuff. ☺
  • elisa123gal
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    I have to say buying clothes as you lose is a great idea if you can afford it. I realize some people can't. But if you can, it is so nice to see your transformation and it is so motivating. On the down side.. it is hard to find a new fitting fashion. For me, years of buying blousy shirts and all black.. I had to rethink styles. and it was hard and not as fun as I dreamed...and I still have to work at building my wardrobe.
  • deputy_randolph
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    Kohl's for work clothes (I work at an school, so I need "nicer" casual...but not really business casual...and the clothes need to be comfortable and not too expensive if they get ruined). I can't seem to find jeans that I like at Kohl's. I usually get jeans from Target. I've started to wear the Universal Thread brand, which fit pretty well.

    I generally order casual shirts from Gap. The quality is better than ON and a little more "adult."
  • Mr_Healthy_Habits
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    Most might not believe so, but Macy's sometimes has pretty good deals...

    If she catch a one day sale, or any sale for that matter, you will usually find them to be cheaper than kohl's whom I feel is over priced...

    But jeans, Burlington coat factory ftw...

  • lorrpb
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    I bought nearly all my clothes while losing at Goodwill and still do. You can buy a lot more clothes that way.