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Is the nutritional information accurate?

nicddddnicdddd Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
I’ve entered my weight and height etc into fitness pal. It says I need 110g of protein a day? Is that normal? That’s to maintain my weight.


  • MichelleSilverleafMichelleSilverleaf Posts: 2,038Member Member Posts: 2,038Member Member
    Sounds pretty normal, yeah.
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 25,101Member Member Posts: 25,101Member Member
    Unless you are a huge human, sure.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 2,878Member Member Posts: 2,878Member Member
    Technically, it doesn't say you NEED 110 g or that that would be an ideal amount. It merely says that 110 g is 20% of your maintenance calories without exercise. (That's if you let it calculate your calorie goal.)

    You may want more or less for various reasons, depending on your size and goals. But 110 g seems like a pretty normal amount to consume, to me.
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