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How to enter serving size when creating a recipe?

kellyczkellycz Posts: 51Member, Premium Member Posts: 51Member, Premium Member
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I’ve been using the recipe builder and then weighing the total yield (in pounds/ounces) after making a recipe. Rather than listing that a recipe makes 4 servings or 8 or whatever, I would prefer to see the nutrients and calories per ounce of the final, prepared food. Then I can weigh the number of ounces I am eating at any particular meal and simply indicate 4 servings for a 4 ounce meal, 6 servings for a 6 ounce meal, etc. I can’t figure out if the recipe builder will allow this. Does anyone know?


  • gallicinvasiongallicinvasion Posts: 604Member Member Posts: 604Member Member
    You can do the following:

    After making your recipe, weigh the whole finished recipe. Let’s say the total is 16 oz for your whole recipe.

    Then build your recipe in MFP. When it asks for number of servings, put the number you got for the total weight of the whole recipe (in this case, 16). MFP should say your recipe has 16 servings (each weighing 1 ounce)

    When it comes time to log the portion that you ate, weigh your portion in grams. Let’s say it’s 4 oz. Log the food in your diary as 4 servings (since you set the serving to be an ounce each).

    Personally I prefer grams over ounces because the smaller units mean you can get more exact. But you get the idea.
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  • deannalfisherdeannalfisher Posts: 5,089Member, Premium Member Posts: 5,089Member, Premium Member
    That is how I do it - I typically use a serving size as 10g - so if the final product is 300g then it’s 30 servings
  • CahgetsfitCahgetsfit Posts: 1,812Member Member Posts: 1,812Member Member
    that's how I do it too. And in my recipe title I call it "per 100 grams" - so I just make the whole recipe be whatever - 1 kilo or whatever and each portion is 100 grams. I do it by 100s of grams rather than 10s as above because I think the only thing I eat in 10s of grams is peanut butter!
  • kellyczkellycz Posts: 51Member, Premium Member Posts: 51Member, Premium Member
    I knew there was an easy solution I was missing! Thanks for the feedback. Your suggestions will work perfectly.
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