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Deli Meat Help?

kiela64kiela64 Posts: 1,410Member Member Posts: 1,410Member Member
I've typically gotten the packaged deli meats that come with nutrition information and a serving size (and a scannable bar code).

Now my dad decided to pick up some from a local butcher, which is great (because I didn't need to go shopping myself), but I have no clue what to do with it. I don't know any nutrition information, there's no website it's just a local physical store.

I have 0.49lbs to make sandwiches with for the week, and my dad says to just "decide how many sandwiches you want" but in no situation do I know what I'm eating if I just randomly decide on a number of sandwiches. I don't want to waste it and it seems silly to everyone else but I have no clue what to do here or how to figure this out.

I usually put 4 slices of PC free from turkey or ham and the package will tell me how many grams of protein that is, and then I add the protein from the bread to know if it's enough that it will help me avoid headaches. (I get frequent headaches and I've realized since using MFP and also a leaflet from my dr that getting enough protein helps avoid it. the leaflet says to aim for 15g/meal but I've found it better when it's closer to 20g).


  • Sunshine_And_SandSunshine_And_Sand Posts: 1,217Member Member Posts: 1,217Member Member
    I think the best you can do here is look up something you feel is similar. For example, if the turkey is oven roasted, maybe look up publix deli oven roasted turkey or boar's head ovengold turkey to get your nutrition info per serving size (it's usually 2 oz for deli meat) and use a food scale to weigh out the amount of servings you want. Also, you'll probably find the fresh cut stuff tastes SOOOOO much better than the prepackaged stuff.
    Hope that helps you.
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  • kimny72kimny72 Posts: 13,740Member Member Posts: 13,740Member Member
    I mean, sliced deli turkey is going to be pretty much the same all over if you are going by weight. Number of slices may be different based on how thinly they slice it. I would just use any supermarket deli entry and weigh out your portion. I can't imagine it will be off by enough to affect the macros.

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  • puffbratpuffbrat Posts: 2,275Member Member Posts: 2,275Member Member
    Like kimny said, I would just find a similar entry in the database such as Boarshead brand and weigh your portion.
  • try2againtry2again Posts: 3,404Member Member Posts: 3,404Member Member
    Basically the above... I've never had deli meat, particularly turkey, vary by more than a few calories. It's typically 50 cal/2 oz portion.

    It sounds like this was just a one-time deal, but for future reference, you can always ask if the item was prepared on site or if it is just a commercial product. For example, the fresh meat counter at our store features primarily Hormel meats.
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