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Problems with premium facilities

prose51prose51 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
My name is Phillip
I'm new to this app , I've had installed and premium paid for about 8 months. Due to a recent spate of ill Heath I must monitor my food intake eg. I'm particularly interested in my Potassium intake.

I have contacted Tech Help and have a stream of emails, they are basically saying make sure you know your username and password. I have this inform, along with about 5 months worth of history on all my food intake. I've managed to print off this detail by printing to a PDF file then working with in my PC., however no matter what I try I can't breakdown this detail to what is the highest food in Potassium and how much of that food type I have eaten.

Has anyone had similar problems, if you have can you advise me please.

There are server all issues with the Premium facility, and they are ongoing
, I think it's time they are sorted.


  • JacobsBattynannyJacobsBattynanny Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    Click on diary, then the pie symbol at top right hand side. Schroll down till you find pottassium. Click on it and it gives you a list of the foods you have eaten that day ( or day chisen)contained pottassium with the highest at top. You can change the view to weekly and it breaks down how many portions eaten and the total in that week. Hope that helps.
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