12lb down in 2 weeks. Is it newbie luck?

I’ve just swapped from slimming world and it would have taken me months to loose 12lb! Calorie counting is so simple!! Wish I would have seen this years ago!


  • MikePTY
    MikePTY Posts: 3,819 Member
    I don't know if I would call it "newbie luck", but when you make changes in diet, sometimes it can be accompanied by large amounts of water weight loss in the first few weeks. So that is likely where a lot of your loss is coming from. It will and should slow from that pace soon, as that speed of loss is not sustainable long term.

    But I am glad you are finding calorie counting to be easy and beneficial :smile:
  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,731 Member
    It's not luck, it's a calorie deficit plus water weight