Advice please?

Hi all, I'm at 200lbs now and would like to get to 185-190 in a few months. I currently do hiit twice a day for 5 days on a bowflex m5 trainer and add about 40 mins a day of weight lifting in the evenings. MFP tells me to eat around 1800 calories and I am replacing breakfast and lunch with protein shakes. I really don't feel hungry and rarely have a snack before my main meal. My calorie deficit may leave me with 800 to go. I was 220 lbs about 4 weeks ago but I only just recently started implementing the weight lifting regimen. Cutting the fat and getting defined is the goal. Do I need to eat more or continue on my path until I drop another 10 pounds? Thoughts? Thx


  • TavistockToad
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    why is there a timescale on your weight loss?

    losing 20lbs in a month is way too fast given your stats, you definitely need to eat more.
  • gr8oilers
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    Not really a timeline, just impatient. Ha ha jk, the meal replacement is because of time and place of employment. The protein shakes are just really convenient. No fridge as I'm on the move for work all day. So, looks like more meals, don't want to lose muscle gain that's for sure.