should I report my supervisor ?

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I've had couple co workers tell me that someone told them not to talk to me and stay away from me. They wouldn't tell me who this information is coming from.

One of the girls that I'm very friendly towards to me told me that 3 people had come up to her and tell her not to talk to me because I'm dangerous...which is not true. The last straw was last week, when I came in to work and the girl I'm friendly with was treating me differently. She was very standoffish and she would not make eye contact. I just thought she was just having a bad day. She finally spoke to me and informed me that it was brought to her attention that I've been throwing her under the buss to the supervisors. Her and I do the same position and I replace the days that she's off.

So basically instead of taking responsibility of my actions, I'm pining everything on her. I was baffled because I didn't do any of these things I was getting accused of. I told her that I didn't do it but she wasn't convinced and she continued to keep her distance and gave me a cold shoulder

I was like okay fine, I'm going to talk to my manager to get to the bottom of this because it's not fair for other people to manipulate you and turn you against me for no reason. That's when she believe me. But she doesn't want me to take it to the office because she doesn't want to get involved in the investigation process because what they are doing is basically harassment.

Now everything is back to normal between us now that she knows that it was all lies. This is starting to get to me so I'm considering quitting the position because this isn't the first time I've gotten blamed for other things in our position.

I strongly suspected my supervisor who was behind it. He micromanaged me and try to get into me into trouble over minor infractions that other people get away with. I dropped it and moved on...until the same lady started telling me that people are are still talking behind my back but she wouldn't say who it is

Finally yesterday she confirmed that it is the supervisor I already suspected is saying these thinks about me. Basically he tells one thing then twist it around to other people when I'm not around and bad mouth me ..stating I'm lazy, I'm the reason why such and such is happening

I want to quit the position that i directly work with him and complain to my manager but at the same time I don't want to throw my co worker under the buss

What would you do?


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    Yes, report your supervisor but make sure you have facts to back it up and not just word of mouth stuff. You will need real examples and proof.
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    This all sounds very high schoolish, maybe even more immature than that. Do your job and stay away from bs.
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    Approach the supervisor and tell him that everyone in the office is talking about HIM and they all can't stand him. Then tell him "just thought you should know". Shrug and walk away.

    Actually I don't know what you should do. But yeah, like @cee134 said, find hard evidence and take facts with you if making a complaint against him. He shouldn't be doing what he's doing. Full stop. I think it would help though if someone is willing to back you up and say that yes, he has been spreading stuff. So unprofessional.
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    If it's going to cause you more anxiety and workplace stress, think very carefully before reporting your supervisor.

    That said, his behaviour is unacceptable and needs to stop. So if you don't report him, consider talking to him and making him aware that you know what is going on.

    As others have said, make absolutely sure you have facts (or better yet, evidence and people willing to back you up) before you do anything.
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    Document every time something like this happens. Write down who you were talking to, and exactly what was said. Write down the date and time as well. Do not say or do anything that could come back on you later, such as a witty come-back, snarkiness, or rude comment. Even if you get frustrated. This will not help your case when you go to your supervisor's boss. Let it go for a week or two - long enough to get enough documentation. Then, bring this to your thier attention. Do not use he said / she said statements. Just try to stick to the facts, and conversations you have documented. Try not to name names unless it is relevant.

    Example of what you might say: "I have been recieving comments from multiple coworkers about XYZ. I do not feel that this is true. When I have pressed them for more information, they tell me they were told by (supervisor) to not talk to me because of XYZ. Can you explain why they would be instructed to do so? This is the documentation I have over the last few weeks, although this has been going on for much longer.I do not want to get anyone in trouble, but I feel ostracized from the team based on these rumors. It is also effecting my job performance."

    If things get worse from here on out, keep documenting. Maybe even get a handheld voice recorder to record these goings on and conversations. It's worth noting that most companies have an anti-retaliation policy. If you feel it is getting worse after going to the mananger (or whatever one step up from supervisor is), take all of your documentation and bring it to your HR department.
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    Look for another position. do not know what your position is, but is this additional stress worth it. At some point job satisfaction becomes a more important than your current position.

    When you find one and are excepted, there is normally a point where HR does an exit brief. Tell them the situation and the reason you are leaving is his continuous harassment and turning the rest of the team against you and HIS poor leadership style.

    Hiring new employees, training them, and the new employee learning the organizational culture is a huge cost burden on the company. Plus if you are 95% of the rest of the working market, you have network and I am very sure that you will sure that you are going to share your experiences with your peers
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    If you work at a glass desk wear a skirt tomorrow...if not step 1 get a glass desk