What Measurements are Considered Attractive?

I’m wondering what y’all consider attractive as far as measurements. I’m at 35, 30, 35. I would like a goal if possible, so what’s the ideal? dqh11jkzwfbo.jpeg


  • texasredreb
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    The most attractive person in the world to me is what you would typically call unattractive. He is older, overweight, and has bad knees. I have the biggest cerebral crush on him. He is witty, smart, funny, and just so cool. Is he my physical type? No. But dang I dig him on every other level. He's married, so he's off limits but I still crush on him like crazy.
  • mockchoc
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    Apparently older and chubbier is in since husband said I was turning heads the other day and not wearing anything revealing. Learn to love yourself how you are now because you can't ever be a certain number, look or size forever no matter what you do. Age with confidence.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    You're asking a wide variety of people that question. You'll get a wide variety of answers. The first 2 look to be the most sensible you'll get. Do you. Do healthy. Do strong.
  • yukfoo
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! There is no “ideal”.

    ^^^ This... One persons dream is another person's " Meh...not my cup of tea..."
  • jgnatca
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    Here’s the thing.

    Eat to live. Eat less to lose weight.

    Exercise to be strong and healthy. Figure out what you want your body to DO and develop a routine around that.

    Attractiveness is poise and joy. Pick an activity that gives you joy.

    Ideal beauty is your soul, not your measurements.

    There are no weight loss foods.
    There are no diet exercises.
    There is no ideal measurement that will build your attractiveness.
  • littlegreenparrot1
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    Confidence and being comfortable in your own skin are attractive.

    My targets are all sport related. I can effectively work towards a faster 5k time, the size of my thighs is much more difficult to control.

    Happiness is about achievable goals, I don't set myself up to fail.