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What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



  • Jamie2663Jamie2663 Posts: 540Member, Premium Member Posts: 540Member, Premium Member
    I'm a little embarrassed to add this one. But I'm getting married in October and I want to be one of those trophy wives. I want other men to be envious of my husband. And other women to be envious of me.
    There, I said it. Lol.

    Not stupid at all. Trophy wife is a life goal every woman should have :D Okay me. I would love it lol
  • cory17cory17 Posts: 528Member Member Posts: 528Member Member
    I have a cupboard full of size 8 clothes that my (current) size 14 *kitten* is just dying to get back into.

    This. I have 3 bags of clothes that refuse to get rid of, they're in perfect shape and cost way too much.
  • TravisJHuntTravisJHunt Posts: 471Member Member Posts: 471Member Member
    So my wife won't laugh when I take my clothes off!!!!!!!

    Just kidding, she doesn't, but I sure as hell do so need to do something about that!
  • Partagus7Partagus7 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    This is about as petty as it gets, LOL.

    I started out for health reasons. Just out of school I weighed in at 135. But after decades of bad eating habits, the scales were tipping at 210. Normal weight range for my height is 126-168. Yeah something needed to be done, heh :wink:

    I'm down to 165-170 range (depending on time of day) and feeling healthy again, so there is that, YAY!

    Now for the petty part/reason: I've set my new/current goal at 155lbs, to coincide with an upcoming 55th birthday.
    This would put me very lean but still with some muscle definition.
    I have to say though, seems no matter what I do, those last 10 pounds just will NOT come off. Very frustrated :neutral:
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