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Azzah11Azzah11 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
in Recipes
My favourite breakfast is oats with fruit!
Great way to start the day


  • vanityy99vanityy99 Posts: 711Member Member Posts: 711Member Member
    My fav is, an egg white omelette, that’s a lil browned ( for crunch) at the bottom, mixed with veggies, with a cup of coffee. I’m not a huge breakfast person.
  • gallicinvasiongallicinvasion Posts: 611Member Member Posts: 611Member Member
    I like black coffee with a little trail mix: coconut almonds, maple pecan granola, and roasted salted edamame.
  • lorraineingham4248lorraineingham4248 Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    I love cereals but I’m trying to find the best one to have as so many have hidden sugars & lots of it, any suggestions to the ones that are better for you?
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 6,808Member Member Posts: 6,808Member Member
    Today.... Quaker tripple berry oatmeal with cup of frozen blueberries stirred in.
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