Pregnant and hungry

I am 7 months pregnant and I am crazy girl hungry!!! Is there any ideas that will keep me fuller longer? The eating for two is a myth. I only need 300 extra calories a day.
I have PCOS so I have to watch carbs.
Any advise would be amazing!!!


  • lucadeangiles
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    yeah, i’m not a nutritionist but i think if you’re really pregnant and really hungry, you should be eating a lot more. You’re going to gain weight and fat when you’re pregnant. That’s what bodies are supposed to do. If you want to avoid gaining “too much” talk to your doctor or a nutritionist and see how much they say to eat but it’ll definitely be more than what you’re eating now.
  • Neightyre29
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    You're probably deficient in something OR thirsty. Are you 100% drinking enough? I know it's a chore; there are times I have to stand at the sink and drink glasses of water just to make sure. Feel like a child haha!. You probably already know about diet when pregnant but double check to make sure not missing anything :) gl with everything!
  • Neightyre29
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    MrsTitus2 wrote: »
    Or on top of a tostada shell with refried beans spread first then topped with shredded cheese.

    That looks amazing. I cannot wait to have the funds to be able to properly explore!

  • dechowj
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    I was crazy hungry in my third trimester with both my pregnancies. Even if I had already eaten my calories for the day I would snack on something slowly until the hunger was gone. My go to snacks were watermelon, hard boiled eggs, pickles, air popped popcorn with a little powdered ranch seasoning, baby carrots and humus, Greek yogurt, or an apple. (Not all in one sitting, lol.) I figured the extra calories the Dr. says you should eat is an estimate and the crazy hunger was my body telling me it needed more.
  • sarah1026652019
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    Thank you all so much!!! Yea I am struggling. I’m a thicker girl to begin with so I have to really watch what I eat. And now that I almost feel an out of control hunger it is scaring me. I really hope this hunger goes away after the baby!!!! Thanks everyone. Now I am going to go try to recreate the tostada and eggs pic above!!!!! Wish me luck!!!
  • wilson10102018
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    I'd say concentrate on less calorie dense choices, but put the counting on hold and you'll be ok. No 2 1/2 pound bags of pretzels, half gallons of ice cream, etc. Have 4 fried eggs instead of two and a cup of salsa instead of 4 tablespoons. Get a pint of blueberries and have that as a snack before dinner.

    My ex-wife 5'1" gained 72 pounds pregnant and never got over it. But, I watched how she did it and it was completely unnecessary. I did not say anything at the time, but now wish I had.
  • iloverene
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    Hi, I'm currently pregnant with my 4th. I'm also very hungry at 26 weeks. Can't imagine how hungry I'll be in my 3rd trimester! So far I have gained already 15 pounds....I'm not too worried because as I said, this is my 4th pregnancy and I know alot of what we gained will go away after baby. As long as you Just eat healthy stuff, you won't gain the bad fat later on. Munch on veggies, fruit, hummus and whatever you like that's healthy throughout the day. I personally love low fat cottage cheese with tomato's and cucumber with black pepper. It's filling and healthy. Just stay focused after baby comes and turn on that beast mode... GL