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    That's always the bummer part about pushing a line that you don't know where it's at.

    Now if you were in a research study being measured out the whazoo - likely no issue (though you could be a test subject for the extreme deficit).

    But on your own, going over it could have very undesired effects that can take a while of hard work to fix.
    But using those research study findings to stay behind the safe line may not be pushing your personal potential - but likely no ill effects. Who wants to roll the dice ....!

    With 40 lbs to go, this is where the breakdown of the often repeated "safe would be 1% of bodyweight weekly" doesn't make sense.
    That would be saying right up to goal attempting 2.5 lbs weekly would be safe for you - and that's just not.

    You are in the 1.5 lb weekly region, more not good probably. Unless just water weight fluctuations, which could make it appear more or less.

    When you get to 30 left, 1 lb weekly.
    10-15 left - 1/2 lb weekly.

    And you could easily be getting 90% fat loss if deficit is reasonable, the rest is water not needed to support a smaller body.

    The hiking is great if you have the time, and it's not creating more unknown deficit getting bigger and bigger. But to allow you to eat more and still maintain a deficit, pretty nice.
    And since it's a big fat burner, if you do happen to create those bigger deficits while eating enough protein - some safety to that. Don't have to replace the fat stores to have a good workout later. Carbs sure.
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