7 weeks to shed some pounds!!

Hey guys,

Until recently I was into the swing of hitting the gym and my diet was super clean. I had a calorie deficit too so I’d lost weight and also began to regain muscle where I wanted to.

However of late I’ve been super busy at work, often finishing later than planned and also due to the fact I work shifts this hasn’t helped in relation to fatigue. I’ve fallen back into a rut of lack of motivation and my diet being bad again.

I go on holiday in 7 weeks and I’m feeling really awful in my own skin with how I’m looking at the minute. I’m weighing around 60kg but would like to drop 5kg in that time if possible. Although I’m not banking on it as weight doesn’t seem to fall off me very quickly, even when I’m giving everything 100%.

Could anyone give me any tips for motivation or tips to help me achieve my goal? Such as diet suggestions, exercise suggestions or even exercise classes etc?

Help a girl out🙏🏼👙


  • apullum
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    Eating "clean," no matter how you define it, doesn't have anything to do with weight loss. Weight loss is 100% about consistently being in a calorie deficit, and for the purposes of weight loss, it doesn't matter what specific foods you eat.

    Your proposed pace of weight loss is likely not reasonable unless you have quite a bit of weight to lose. (For others who may be reading: 5 kg = 11 lb, which would be more than 1.5 lb/week.) If you are at or near a healthy BMI for your height, then weight loss is going to be slow and will generally require meticulous weighing of ALL your food. If all you need to lose is 5 kg, then you should be targeting 0.25 kg/week, and you will likely not see the scale go down every single week.

    In addition, if you're already in a healthy BMI range but are unhappy with your appearance, then recomp is often a better option than weight loss. Recomp involves following a structured strength training plan to build muscle and reduce fat. It is a slow process, but it usually makes people happier with their appearance.