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Lose 5lbs + in August 2019



  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Member, Premium Posts: 6,979 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,979 Member
    P.S. I don't have any MyFitnessPal friends yet, so if you wanna be friends, feel free to send me a request and I will add you today. <3 I'm just learning, so I'm definitely a newbie.

    Friend request sent 😉
  • JelaanJelaan Member Posts: 803 Member Member Posts: 803 Member
    I'm in (One more time)

    Original starting weight - 141
    August starting weight - 139.8
    August goal - 137
    Ultimate goal - 125

    1st - 139.8
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -

    I'll take any sustained weight loss really. One step at a time.

  • tramaine_21tramaine_21 Member Posts: 349 Member Member Posts: 349 Member
    Weighing-in on Saturday to begin my last detox for the summer season!! I'm pumped for this one. Unlike July, I had too many distractions which prevented me from completing my detox. Now, I'm super focused because this is my final detox until my next one which might be at the end of the year or January of next year.

    I'm going to push hard and finish strong!
    I need this summer season to really work for me!

    August 1st: 183
    Saturday weigh-in: Day 1 detox
    Detox: August 3rd~7th

    August Goal: 178.8
    Ultimate Goal: 160s...
    God is good!
  • Tracie_LordTracie_Lord Member Posts: 1,761 Member Member Posts: 1,761 Member
    Original starting weight - 298.50 Oct 2017
    August starting weight - 174.75 (July weigh out)
    August goal - 165.00
    Ultimate goal - 160.00

    July weigh out 174.75
    2nd - 17.75
    15th -
    22nd - AWAY
    30th -
    Total loss for August - 3lbs
  • kriskris92kriskris92 Member Posts: 196 Member Member Posts: 196 Member
    A day late but ready for the challenge! I've been slacking a little bit workout wise lately but my food has been relatively healthy so I'm maintaining for the most part. I have 2 weddings coming up, one of which is a beach wedding so I need all the motivation I can get!

    Original starting weight-185
    August starting weight- 177
    August goal-172
    Ultimate goal-160


    If anyone wants to add me feel free to send me a friend request also, always great to help encourage each other as much as we can :)
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 4,207 Member Member Posts: 4,207 Member
    Female, 5'3", 58 years old
    I will be weighing daily, it keeps me accountable and motivated and shows trends
    Starting weight October 28.18 - 191
    August goal is 155 (Same as July goal)
    Ultimate goal is 115

    August 01 - 160.0
    August 02 - 160.7

    Running Loss/Gain: Gain 0.7
  • Lilt2511Lilt2511 Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    Original starting weight - 278
    August starting weight - 273
    August goal - 268
    Ultimate goal - 175

    1st - 273
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -

  • deb162deb162 Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member

    Original starting weight -
    August starting weight -182.2
    August goal -7 lbs
    Ultimate goal -

    1st -182.2
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -

    Total loss for August -
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